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Carbon School Carbon School 1916-1990 CARBON - located south of Eastland. Carbon High School Reunion will be held on July 10, 2010. Carbon High School Reunion Website Cisco Swimming Pool in 1940 Cisco Swimming Pool in 1940 CISCO - located 20 miles west of Ranger. Home of Cisco College Lela Latch Lloyd Museum (located in Old City Hall) Old Mobley Hotel Museum (Conrad Hilton's first hotel) DELEON - located about 20 miles south of Ranger. Terrill Antique Car Museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. until 12 noon and from 1 to 5 p.m. On Sundays the hours are 1 to 4 p.m. Admission is free, donations accepted. It is located at 500 N. Texas Street. DeLeon website Desdemona DESDEMONA - originally known as "Crystal Springs" and also referred to as Hog Town in reference to Hog Creek. It is located south of Ranger. Their 12-grade school closed in 1969. Desdemona Homecoming & School Reunion (P.O. Box 187, Desdemona, TX 76445). downtown Eastland in 1920s Downtown Eastland in 1920s EASTLAND - located 10 miles west of Ranger. Eastland is the county seat of Eastland County. Known for its Connellee Hotel and "Old Rip" the Horned Frog that lived 30 years sealed in the corner stone of the old courthouse. Home of the 1982 Class AA State Football Champions. City of Museums City of Eastland website Eastland County Museum opens Feb. 3, 2006 in the renovated Petroleum Building on the square in downtown Eastland. GORDON - located east of Ranger near Mingus. City of Gordon website Gordon ISD website downtown Gorman & Blackwell Sanitarium & Clinic GORMAN - located south of Ranger. Originally named "Shinoak Springs" from dwarf oaks and springs that attracted wildlife as well as early settlers. The post office of Shinoak Springs was built in 1888. Later the name changed to Gorman after the Road Master Pat Gorman. Kokomo school Kokomo school in 1923 KOKOMO - located halfway between Desdemona & Carbon on the T&P Railroad with a population of 25. A one-room log school was built there in 1886. Mingus Methodist Church Old Mingus Methodist Church MINGUS - Three miles north of Thurber is the village of Mingus. Thurber was entirely owned by The Texas and Pacific Coal Company, but Mingus was an open and free town. Workers in Thurber could not own land or build homes there and so some of the Thurber workers bought land and built homes in Mingus. Other reasons for the development of Mingus was the 1881 construction of the Texas and Pacific Railway through the area. The community served local farmers and ranchers. Population was estimated at 1,110 in 1920 and 1930; 25 businesses were reported there in 1930. By 1940 the number of residents had declined to 570. The population was down to 212 in 1980, but the post office was still open. Currently the population is approximately 200. MORTON VALLEY - first known as Fisher Hill is located west of Ranger. The first school was built in 1904. In 1921, a two-room frame structure was built and became known as Morton Valley School in honor of Tobe Morton. A beautiful brick school was completed in 1934. downtown Olden OLDEN - small town between Ranger & Eastland created as a switch station for the T&P Railroad. At one time the town had a silver smelter. It still has a post office. PIONEER - is a small town of 40 located in the southwestern corner of Eastland County. It was established in 1883 & the population increased to 5,000 during the oil boom. In 1924, an independent school district was created but closed in 1942. STAFF - located at Lake Leon with a population of 65. The settlement started with the Round Mountain Baptist Church in 1896 and had a post office which closed in 1908. In 1940, there were two stores. downtown Strawn STRAWN - located east of Ranger on State Highway 16. The town was developed about 1880 when the railroad started service. Oil was discovered near here in 1895. In 1940, Strawn was incorporated and had a population of 1,107. The town is a center for local farming and oilfield activities. Home of the 2003 State Football Champs. City of Strawn website