Ranger Exes Memorial - Ranger, Texas Cemeteries in & around Ranger

Updated: 01.17.2024 Alameda Cemetery ALAMEDA - located 10 miles south of Ranger on FM 571. This cemetery has some of the oldest graves in Eastland County dating back to the 1860s. The Veterans' Memorial Monument installed on Aug. 26, 2009. Website with names Ames Cemetery AMES - located south of Ranger near the airport off I-20. ARTHER GRAVE - located 1 1/2 miles northeast of Desdemona in a pasture. BOLLINGER OR FREEDOM - located 3 miles south of the Lake Leon Bridge. Bullock Cemetery BULLOCK - located about 3 1/2 miles north of Ranger on Hwy. 717. Find A Grave-Website CENTER POINT - located south from Carbon, on Texas Ranch Rd 1027 about 3 miles, turn left on CR-413 (dirt road) & follow it for about 3 miles. The cemetery is on the right off the road just a ways and has a large sign over the gate. COLONY - located at the North-West corner of Hwy 101 and County Rd. #339 about five miles from Ranger. The land was given by Ben L. Denley about 1908. Find A Grave-Website COOK - located 8 miles south of Ranger off FM 571. CORINTH - located off CR-154, east of Cisco. Cross Roads Cemetery CROSS ROADS - located about six miles south of Ranger on FM 571. Website with names DABNEY FAMILY - located one mile northwest of Desdemona off FM 570. DAVIDSON OR TANNER - located on a country road east of Hwy. 16 and north of Desdemona. DESDEMONA - located one mile south of Desdemona off Hwy. 16. ELLISON'S SPRINGS - located east of Gorman off Hwy. 8. ELM OR MIDWAY - located eight miles southwest of Gorman. EVANS FAMILY - remote area between FM 571 and Hwy. 16. Evergreen Cemetery EVERGREEN (Ranger City Cemetery) - located in the city of Ranger, northwest. Find-A-Grave-Website FLATWOOD - located east of Hwy 6 on CR 309 in the Flatwood Community. GORMAN & OAKLAWN - located in the city of Gorman. Gregg Family Cemetery GREGG FAMILY - located on FM 570 north of Desdemona on a farm. The abandoned Gregg cemetery, like many similar cemeteries needs a group to care for it by an occasional clearing. HOWARD - north from Desdemona on Hwy. 16, one & 7/10 miles on dirt road. KOKOMO - located by the side of FM 2689 in Kokomo. MACEDONIA - located in Stephens County on FM-717 about 10 miles from Ranger. MANGUM FAMILY - located north of Kokomo off FM 2689. McGOUGH - located on Finis Johnson farm, 1 1/2 miles NE of Flatwood Cemetery. Merriman Cemetery MERRIMAN - located west of Ranger about 2 miles off I-20. The Merriman Cemetery Association meets once a year usually in May. Find A Grave-Website According to local tradition this site was established as a community graveyard about 1873, the year Eastland County was organized and one year prior to the community of Merriman's selection as county seat. Although there are many unmarked gravestones in the cemetery, the earliest recorded gravestone is that of Orthosias Scarborough (d.1879). The first legal record of the Merriman Cemetery occurred in a deed executed by the Taylor Charcoal Company conveying two acres for use as a public burial ground to trustee M. V. Brewer in 1891. Oil discovered in 1917 on land owned by John H. McCleskey (buried here in 1918) started an oil boom that ultimately threatened the sanctity of the Merriman Cemetery. Oil speculators reportedly offered members of the Merriman Baptist church a large sum of money to lease the cemetery grounds for drilling. The congregation, although its association with the cemetery is uncertain, turned the offer down. Josie Fox Duncan (d.1940) deed 75 acres to trustees of the cemetery in 1938 to provide an income for its perpetual care. The cemetery contains graves of early settlers, veterans of conflicts from the Civil War to Korea, and victims of a 1916-17 influenza epidemic. Merriman Cemetery Vandalized in 2014 MITCHELL - located off CR-142, SW of Cisco. MOSS CURVE - located off IH-20 about 3 miles out of Ranger toward Eastland. MURRAY - located in Carbon. Mt Zion Cemetery MT. ZION (Veale) - located about 10 miles north of Ranger on a hill above the intersections of the Caddo and Strawn highways in Stephens County. It is said that Ezekiel Jackson McCleskey (1860-1926) gave the land for the cemetery. The oldest grave in the cemetery appears to be that of M.M. McCluskey who died in 1879. NECESSITY - located NW of Ranger off Highway 207 going to Breckenridge in Stephens County. Find A Grave-Website PILGRIM FAMILY - located on FM 570 between Desdemona & Ranger on farm. Pioneer Cemetery PIONEER (Ranger City Cemetery) - located in the city of Ranger, off Hwy 80. Website with pictures of grave markers PLEASANT GROVE CEMETERY - located east of Morton Valley; about a mile south of Hwy. 101 on the Country Road that is east of Hwy. 1852 with less than 100 graves. PROVIDENCE - a small pioneer cemetery located at Lake Leon. When the lake filled, the cemetery became isolated and can only be reached by boat now. Last burial was around 1920s. Next to it was the Providence Baptist Church (organized in the late 1860s and 2nd in Eastland County) burned years ago. REDEEMER LUTHERAN CEMETERY - located on Hwy. 183 between Cisco & Rising Star. ROMNEY CEMETERY - located 10 miles south of Cisco off Hwy. 183 going to Rising Star. RUSSELL CREEK OR LEMLEY - located east of Ranger off I-20 near Russell Creek. SIMPSON - located in the Kokomo Community. STAFF - located near the Staff Community at Lake Leon. TRACY OR BREWER - located in a pasture east of FM 2461, south of Merriman. TUDOR OR GOURDNECK - located 11 miles east of Ranger off I-20. Victor Cemetery VICTOR - located near Desdemona in the once community of Victor. The cemetery is all that remains but a meeting is still held every year in May. C.C. Blair is buried here. He was one of the first settlers in Eastland County constructing a family fort at now Desdemona for protection against the Indians. Find A Grave-Website WAYLAND - located on FM-1852 near Ranger in Stephen County. The cemetery is behind the Wayland Community (old school) building.