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oldpic129 A wagon train arriving in the new town of Ranger which formed after the railroad was built in 1880. The early town before this one was referred to as Ranger Camp which grew up around the Texas Ranger's camp in the form of a small tent city.

oldpic34 Ranger in 1908-quiet peaceful town before the roaring oil boom.

oldpic47 Mirror Lake located west of present Ranger swimming pool. Lake was used for swimming and watering livestock. Old high school can be seen on the left in the background.

oldpic108 First brick Ranger High School built in 1905.

oldpic149 Early downtown Ranger looking toward the railroad tracks.

oldpic153 Early picture of downtown Ranger.

oldpic154 Hodges family at the Main Street House in Ranger before 1917

oldpic155 Early railroad depot in Ranger.

oldpic160 Ranger baseball team (1898-99)

oldpic211 Remains of first cabin built in Ranger by the Texas Rangers from where the city name was derived

oldpic213 Ranger Livery before the oil boom, owned by Jim Rice who moved from South Bend in Young County.