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Well maybe I should tell you a little bit about me . Well, despite my name, I am not a farmer, mechanic, or truck driver (although I'm about a generation away). I was born outside of Lansing, Michigan, lived in Plano, Texas, and moved to Philadelphia for high school. I graduated from Pennsbury high school in the not so beautiful Fairless Hills, PA. I came back to Texas (Austin) to go to...yup, you guessed it ..THE University of Texas. I'm now a microbiology senior (after letting electrical engineering stomp on my GPA for a while) and plan to graduate next fall '98 .. spring '99. If you love dogs as much as I do, than take a look at my dog, Dakota.

How about a picture of Walter Cronkite, a couple fraternity brothers, and I???

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The rest of this web page is devoted to just a brief insight into the mind of Dale...(and a couple of links as well)

Apu Homer

Looking for Simpsons Info???

General FAQ
Homer, Homer, and more Homer
Ms. Crabappel's Blackboard
The Simpsons Drinking Game!
Where is Springfield???
Even More Simpsons!

Wanna hear the theme song???

If it's humor you're looking for, then take a look below. This is a growing list of humorous e-mails given to me by friends. Feel free to e-mail me with submissions...

DISCLAIMER: I have done all I possibly could to give credit where credit is due. I am not and don't pretend to be the author of these. This also means that I cannot be credited with any bad jokes...Just blame my friends.

Software Compatibility
Beer Troubleshooting
Take the Urinal quiz!
Real Country Song Titles
Real Bumper Stickers
Words of Wisdom II
Designated Driver
Ohio Snow
The Real Star Wars
Cheap Monkeys
Real Police Sories!!
Internship Quiz
Adam Sandler's Horoscore
What kids think about love...
Just another day at the factory

Any Football lovers??? Try these links out!!!

Longhorns Cowboys Packers

How 'bout some beer links!!

Newcastle Samuel Adams Shiner Bock Heineken Guinness Bass Ale

Check out the Beer Prayer while your at it...

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I am also a member of the Chi Phi fraternity. If you want to know more about this organization, then just click on the icon to go to the national office. If you'd like information on my local chapter , go to the NU chapter on the national home page.

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