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    Superman/Clark kent George Reeves Lois Lane Phyllis Coates Luke Benson Jeff Corey Bill Corrigan Walter Reed Pop Shannon J. Farrell MacDonald The Sheriff Stanley Andrews Intern John Baer Mole Man John Bambury Mole Man Tony Boris Doc Saunders Harry Harvey Eddie Stephen Carr Mole Man Billy Curtis Chuck Weber Hal K. Dawson Mrs. Benson Margia Dean Jeff Reagan Byron Foulger

Directed by Lee Sholem; Screenplay by Richard Fielding (Robert Maxwell); Produced by Robert Maxwell and Barney Sarecky; Music by Darrell Calker and Walter Greene; Cinematography by Clark Ramsey; Edited by Al Joseph; Costume Design by Izzy Berne; Makeup by Harry Thomas; Special Effects by Ray Mercer; Released in 1951.