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    Superman/Clark Kent George Reeves Lois Lane (1952-1953) Phyllis Coates Lois Lane (1953-1957) Noel Neill Jimmy Olsen Jack Larson Perry White John Hamilton Inspector Bill Henderson Robert Shayne

Directed by George Blair, Howard Bretherton, Thomas Carr, Philip Ford, Harry W. Gerstad, Lew Landers, George Reeves and Lee Sholem; Writers: Dwight Babcock, Roy Chanslor, David Chantler, Peter Dixon, Whitney Ellsworth, Jackson Gillis, Robert Maxwell, Jay Morton and Leroy Zehren; Produced by Whitney Ellsworth, Bernard Luber and Robert Maxwell; Music by Leo Klatzkin (theme); Cinematography by Joseph F. Biroc, Harold E. Stine and Harold E. Wellman; Edited by Harry Gerstad, Albrecht Joseph and Sam Waxman; Production Managers: Ben Chapman and Barney Sarecky; Special Effects by Thol Simonson; 1952-1957.

    Season 1: 1. Superman on Earth 2. The Haunted Lighthouse 3. The Case of the Talkative Dummy 4. The Mystery of the Broken Statues 5. The Monkey Mystery 6. Night of Terror 7. The Birthday Letter 8. The Mind Machine 9. Rescue 10. The Secret of Superman 11. No Holds Barred 12. The Deserted Village 13. The Stolen Costume 14. Mystery in Wax 15. Treasure of the Incas 16. Double Trouble 17. The Runaway Robot 18. Drums of Death 19. The Evil Three 20. Riddle of the Chinese Jade 21. The Human Bomb 22. Czar of the Underworld 23. The Ghost Wolf 24. Crime Wave 25. The Unknown People (1) 26. The Unknown People (2) Season 2: 27. Five Minutes to Doom 28. The Big Squeeze 29. The Man Who Could Read Minds 30. Jet Ace 31. Shot in the Dark 32. The Defeat of Superman 33. Superman in Exile 34. A Ghost for Scotland Yard 35. The Dog Who Knew Superman 36. The Face and the Voice 37. The Man in the Lead Mask 38. Panic in the Sky 39. The Machine That Could Plot Crimes 40. Jungle Devil 41. My Friend Superman 42. The Clown Who Cried 43. The Boy Who Hated Superman 44. Semi-Private Eye 45. Perry White's Scoop 46. Beware the Wrecker 47. The Golden Vulture 48. Jimmy Olsen, Boy Editor 49. Lady in Black 50. Star of Fate 51. The Whistling Bird 52. Around the World with Superman