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    CAST Superman/Clark Kent Kirk Alyn Lois Lane Noel Neill Perry White Pierre Watkin Jimmy Olsen Tommy Bond Luthor/Atom Man Lyle Talbot Killer Lawson Paul Stader Albor Don C. Harvey Baer Terry Frost Carl Rusty Wescoatt Foster Jack Ingram Police Chief Forman Fred Kelsey

Directed by Spencer Benett; Screenplay by George H. Plympton, Joseph F. Poland and David Matthews; Produced by Sam Katzman. Music by Mischa Bakaleinikoff; Cinematography by Ira H. Morgan; Edited by Earl Turner; Production Manager: Herbert B. Leonard; Special Effects by Howard Swift; Stunts by Eddie Parker. Released in 1950.

    Chapter One Superman Flies Again Chapter Two Atom Man Appears Chapter Three Ablaze In The Sky Chapter Four Superman Meets Atom Man Chapter Five Atom Man Tricks Superman Chapter Six Atom man's Challenge Chapter Seven At The Mercy Of Atom man Chapter Eight Into The Empty Doom Chapter Nine Superman Crashes Through Chapter Ten Atom Man's Heat Ray Chapter Eleven Luthor's Strategy Chapter Twelve Atom man Strikes Chapter Thirteen Atom Man's Flying Saucers Chapter Fourteen Rocket Of Vengeance Chapter Fifteen Superman Saves The Universe