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    Lex Luthor Gene Hackman Superman/Clark Kent Christopher Reeve Otis Ned Beatty Perry White Jackie Cooper Lois Lane Margot Kidder Non Jack O'Halloran Eve Teschmacher Valerie Perrine General Zod Terence Stamp Lara Susannah York The Sheriff Clifton James Jimmy Olsen Marc McClure Ursa Sarah Douglas The President E.G. Marshall

Directed by Richard Lester (and Richard Donner); Story by Mario Puzo; screenplay by Mario Puzo, David Newman, Leslie Newman and Tom Mankiewicz. Produced by Ilya Salkind and Pierre Spengler Music by Ken Thorne and John Williams. Cinematography by Bob Paynter and Geoffrey Unsworth. Edited by John Victor-Smith. Production Design by John Barry and Peter Murton. Costume Design by Yvonne Blake and Susan Yelland. Special Effects by Colin Chilvers (supervisor), Bob Harman, Zoran Perisic, Jimmy Benson, John Evans, Garth Inns and Brian Warner. Visual Effects by Roy Field, Les Bowie, Derek Meddings, Ivor Beddoes, Dick Dimbleby, David Docwra, Doug Ferris, Peter Hammond, Peter Harman, Cervin Robinson, David Speed, Peter Watson, Paul Wilson and Stuart Freeborn. Stunt coordinator: Vic Armstrong. Production Managers: Cecil Ford, Tim Hampton, Paris Allan James and Vincent Winter. 1980.