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Up dates have been scarce over the last few months, iv had a lot of college work. However soon i will be on summer break and once i am i promise weekly updates. justhang on another month

back to buffy now... you can catch her every Thursday nights on Sky 1 at 8PM. and evrey thursday on BBC2 at 6.45.



Site Updates! (D/M/Y)

8/4/02 - Have updated the timeline and made it easier to reade by making the Dates Bold. also added few new cast pictures
12/3/02 - have now added more Faith AND Riley pics
14/2/02 - The demon listing page on the mythology section is finnaly on-line. as is both Joss's which theroy page and Other which theroy page
2/2/02 - there is now a link to my Fan fic page in the Nav bar. although the fan fic page has beenup since the re-desing of the site 4 months ago. i neglected to add a link to it but its there now
1/2/02 - Have updated Buffyverse Timeline to include all info i could gather from the "tales of the slayer" graphic novel
8/ 1/02 - I have just heard that the people who supply my polls my be changing sytems so my polls might suddenly not work. i apoligise for this in advance
6/1/02 - Added new article from the Sky magazine today 
31/12/01 - New page added with screen shots of the new Buffy Vidio game!
24/12/01 - Updated Season 4 episode guide to include discriptions as well as names of episodes

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In an episode, Willow is standing behind a posting board that has a website address for a Buffy site on it