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Evolution of The Buffy Draw

Well Im now on verson 3 of this web page so I thought id add a section to show you how it started and how it evolved from the crap it started as to what it is today.

The Cult cabinet

My original Idear was to have a website and have sub divisions of that site for each TV program I liked Originaly this Site was called "Phills cult" and had a page for South park, Startrek, X-files and of course Buffy. each site after that was called "phills..." and then the name of the site for exsample "Phills Buffy site" obviously a crap name for all sites. So I changed the name of "Phills cult" to "The Cult Cabinate" and renamed all the other pages "The X-files Draw, The South park Draw, The Startrek Draw and of course "The Buffy Draw" All because you have draws in cabinets... get it?? well thats basically how the name of the Buffy draw was born. I ended up spending practically all of my time on the "Buffy Draw" and the others were hardly ever updated and the content was crap. so I abandond them and the Cult Cabinet and Made the Buffy Draw its own sepret site. The cult cabinet while dorment is still there so if you want to cheke it out click here

Version 1.0

This was how the site was like dureing the days of the cult cabinet It had practially no content and what it did have was not good. The picture gallary only had about 10 pictures. all of buffy , no other carecters and all the pictures where full size all on the same page so no thumbnails to make loading eaiser and quicker. It had an episode guide with only season 1 and my alternative approch to Fan Fiction. I started the first 5 lines of a new Buffy script and then put a form below it for people to add their own 5 lines. It didnt have a very good responce. I have reconstructed the page so you can see what it was like if you want just click here


Version 2.0

Basically This was a simmilar design to version 1.0 but with a navigation frame stuck on the side. By the time I decomishiond this it had developed into a good site with lots of content both original and traditinal. The Frame next to the navigation bar looked practically identical to the old front page of version 1 minus the links. I kept this page on the Net from when it was decomishiond so ypu can visit it Here


And so I look toward the future and version 4.0 whenever I decide to make it!