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Other Whitch theroys


In Moden times Whitchs are closley linked to the religion of Wicca. and is mostly followed by women. Many women in this religion belive themselfs to be whitchs.This "Religion" was started by Gerald Gardner. The religion is coven based and each coven would have a prist or teacher. if the history of who tought that teacher and then who taught the ones before them were traced it would lead back to Gardner himself.

As I have said some class themselfs as whitchs but some dont. and they arnt the traditinal whiches we see in movies that are all powerfull evil things. Although some wiccans claim to cast spells they are more like prayers and dont send chairs flying accross rooms but afect auras and feelings. Obviously things that cant show wether or not the spell has actually worked.

While on a web page written by a Wiccan I noticed they were trying to clear a few misconseptions up. so I tought I would also tell you about thease misconseptions. Firstly they do not worship saten. Saten is a christen thing and they arnt christens there wiccans. secondly on the whole Good/badd whitch thing its just the same as saying is that person walking acrros the street bad? The do not do blood sacrifices but do sometimes sacrifices things that are theirs . eateing for exsample. They are not a Cult because they do not follow one leader. And they do not always wear black but when they do they do it because they think it helps keep the engy inside the body.

Old Which scares

In the olden days (about the middle ages) Women who were thought of as whitchs were killed mosly painfully. But in most cases they wernt whitchs or even Wiccans but the local folk didnt realy care.

They used any exsucuse for people being whitchs. from a wart on their face to people around them dying even if their nabour had an acident they could be acused.

If one of the locals was annoyed at someone. perhaps because a certain woman would not marry him he would accuse her of being a whitch to get her killed. and although they had a type of trial to decided if the woman was a whitch. It was not an acuret way of finding out and even if she won the test she still ended up in a bad way. for exsample they would have test like chucking a woman in deep water if she floted she was a whitch but if she drowned she wasnt unforchuntly if she wasnt it didnt matter much because she would alredy be dead from drowning.

TV and Films

Diffrent films portray whitchs in diffrent ways. but most base the foundation of their theroys of the old belifes that got women killed. And that was that whitchs had suppernatraul powers and could do thing like move objects without touching them and fireing electric bolts from their hands. At first they also followed the old theroy that all whitchs were evil. however that theroy has become less and less prominent as time passes and now we have many good whichs on TV such as willow and Tara in Buffy And The 3 sisters in Charmed. Another thing that has advanced with time is TV shows and Movies showing more of thier theroy about whichs. wares as in early television it would show an evil whitch but not realy exspain anything about her.

Whitchs latly in TV can be divided into two theroys one is that People are born whitchs and have powers autimaticaly this theroy is used on the show "Charmed" the other is that whichcraft is something you learn and the only way to do magic is through spells as in Buffy. although even in charmed they still have to use spell but they do have powers as well.