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Buffy Drinking game!

Take a sip when Tack a gulp when Drink the whole glass when... Drink evrything in site when...

- Xzander wisecrakes

-Giles takes more than 2 sentences to exsplain something very simple

-Library gats trashed

- giles puts on his glasses

-giles takes his glasses off

-scoby gang meets in librery

-the word "hellmouth is used

-someone says "slayer"

- Buffy wares a neckless with a cross on it

-Princible snyder thretens buffy

- anyone kisses anyone

- Buffy hangs around the graveyard

-Oz plays at the bronze

- willow gose on the computer

-A spell is performed

-giles drinks some tea

- Buffy kills a vampire

- ander gets insulted

-Buffy says "im buffy"

-we see inside the initative

- We see angel (seasons 1,2,3 only)

-Xzander and anya have sex or talk about sex

- England is mentiond

- a member of the scobby gang exsept buffy slays something

-Vampires invaded the librery

- Anyone other than giles speaks with an acsent

-someone mentions LA

-Giles beats someone up

-Buffy and riley have sex

- we see Oz as a wearwolf

-Buffy kills a demon other than a vampire

-two demons fight

-willow uses her witches powers

-willow mentions her sexual origentation

-the scoby gang meet at giles house or at the magic shop

-a bad guy becomes good

- Buffy has a boyfriend other than Angel or Riley

- Someone other than the scobygang stake something

-Ethan rayne turns up

-someone ends up naked

-A good guy becomes bad

-There is a buffy/Angel crossover(sesons4 and 5 only)

-A good guy mistakes buffy for a bad guy