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Buffyverse Timeline

This timeline now includes information gatherd from the new "Tales of the slayer" Grathic novel and the new "Fray" comic serise.

Billions of years ago - Demons ruled the world. No humans, one type of the demon was the Pure Vampire. The demon that bit the human who turned into the first vampire
Millions of years ago- Demons started to receded. Humans and other Mammals became dominant species. Some demons went to other worlds but some stayed with a less dominant role than before. One type that stayed was vampires.
Anchient times - when peopel where still living in clay huts, A group called shadow men who would later become the watchers council called apon powers to create a girl with the power to fight the demons. this resulted in the creation of the primevil slayer
38 AD - Diana was called as the slayer, she died soon after in 40AD.
Medievil times - A slayer is killed (burned to deat)by the people of her villiage after being acused of being a witch
877 - Anya turned into a Demon
1629 - A slayer called in Arabia,
1753 - Angel Sired By Darla in Galaway, Ireland
1789 - A slayer kills a human after being tricked by her lover
1813 - A slayer in somersetshire,England discises herself as aboy to hunt vampires
1840s ish (wild west)- A small town in what will later become california is overrun by demons. a slayer cleas this up
1845, A slayer stops Vampires at the Boston shipyards
1860 - In London Angel meets Drucilla when she goes to confession and he has just killed priest. He drives her mad before turning her
1865ish (Later Wild West) Richard Wilikins visits the burnt to the ground town that used to be infested by demons and decides to build a new town called "sunnydale" there. with plans that the demons would once again rule it
1880 - Spike gets sired by Drucilla when her, Darla and Angel are in London
1898 - Angel kills a gypsy girl in Romania and the clan of gypsies curse him with a soul
1900 - In china during the boxer rebellion spike kills his first slayer she was called Xin Rong,
1933 - The Master gets buried underground by an earthquake while trying to open the hellmouth. The mystical powers he was using to open it trapped him underground in a magical bubble
1940's- A 14 year old German slayer named Anni decides to use her powers to help the jews as well as fight demons
1954 - Giles Born
1975 - Giles, then known as ripper, calls apon igon
1977 - Spike kills his second slayer, Nikkie, on the new York subway. He steels her leather jacket. Start of his leather jacket style
1981 - Buffy is Born
1993 - The slayer India is called
1996- Inder is killed so Buffy is called as a slayer by watcher Medrik, after being expelled from her school, for burning it down because of vampires in it her mother decides to move to sunnydale where she fights the master
1997 - Angel sleeps with Buffy and turns back into Angelus, Latter that year is killed By Buffy
1999 - Buffy Starts College
2001 - Buffy dies saving the life of her sister and the world
21st century- it is at some point during this century that the current slayer maneges to defet all evil and banish all types of demons from this world. becuase of this no more slayers are called until the evil re-imerges