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BBC Spoilers

I have made this section for all the UK viewers who do not recive satalite television but want spoilers on episodes soon to be sown on BBC2. Once events have happend on Sky I will then post them on hear.

here are all the season 6 spoilers

- The bad guys for most of the season will be more commical than threatening. Its our old friend jonathen (episode: superstar) along with Warren (the buffybot maker) and the brother of the guy who tried to ruin the school prom back in season 3.

- Nearer the end of the season we will see that Warren is actually quite evil and he kills a few people

-Theres a musical episode where the whole town gets a spell put on them (acidently by Xander) so they all cant help but sing and dance

-Giles will have a limited role for this season and will depart soon after the musical episode

-Spike and Buffys attraction grow, they kiss and later they start to sleep together

- Tara will be killed in the third before last episode.

- willow will becaome addicted to magic which will eventually result in dawn being put in danger while willow goes for her "fix" Tara leaves her after she finds out about the addiction and that Willow put and forgeting spell on her. and willow tries to give up magic

- Amy the rat will be de-ratted and turned back into her human self

- the first forgeting spell Willow dose has a bad side affect of the whole gang forgeting who they are.
Spike thinks his name is Randy and that he is Giles son Giles and Anya think they are engaged, Willow and Xander think they are a couple.

- Xander will leave Anya at the alter!!! This will result in her acepting back her old position as a vengence demon. oh and also Anya sleeps with spike in the magic box

- After Tara is killed Willow turns to the dark magics seaking revenge against warren. She kills him by stripping his skin off him and burnig him alive. She then sets out to kill Jonathen and the other one but Buffy tries to stop her

Willow HAS become the big bad of the last couple of episodes

- Giles returns in the last episode to try to stop willow but she drains him of all his maggical power. and nearly kills him