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Fan Art

Please submit fanart! CG, crappy, #1artist, back of homework, whatever! Just scan it, and send it! (I do the editting and resizing). I KNOW some of you peeps out there are great artists. Oh come on, don't give me that... you KNOW you are... discover YOUR hidden talent today! Oh boy.. I sound like a commercial... shutting up.
Anyway, to submit, e-mail me. Please have you masterpieces in .jpg, or .gif. If this is not possible, contact me, we can probably make arangements. Also, please include your "pen name," and an e-mail address you would like to use, (if any). Thank you. I look forward to your submissions!

Artists listed alphabetically.


Hilde's note: I drew these from pics from the doujinshi "Secret Distance". I did not trace. ^_^ BTW: if you see lines, I drew it on lined paper (that's what school is for, right?). For more of my art go here!



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