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Chatroom Rules

I got a new chatroom. This one is the coolest!

Hilde_Maxwell (me): Sorry, folks, but a chatroom's gotta have rules.
Duo: 1)only talk about me, Duo!
HM: Duo!
Duo: Fine.
HM: I'm not doing this. You do the rules.
Duo: Uh, okay.
1)Try to keep to the topic of Gundam Wing, and/or Endless Waltz.
2)NO racial, religious, etc discrimination. It will result in your suspention or permanent remove of the chatroom.
3)Keep the content at a PG-13 rating or lower. NO CYBERING.
4)No flames.
5)Since this is a non-yaoi site, the content of the chat will be non-yaoi as well. (finally, I'm safe. I can be with Hilde...)
Um, I'll think of some other stuff later.
Follow the rules, or you will be punished.
HM: Thanx, Duo. Now we need to tackle either more javascripts, or the pic gallery.
Duo: *groans*
HM: I haven't seen you around here lately. YOU do the pic re-sizing this time.
Duo: But...
HM: *glares*
Duo: Okay, fine.

If you agree to the rules, click here: Go to Chat
If you want the chat in a new window, then Go to chat in new window
If you don't, click here: I don't agree