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See bottom for important message.

Hey, wanna meet other people with the same interests as you? Want someone to talk to? No, this isn't an online dating service!!!! Just e-mail me with the following info:

ISP: (aol, yahoo, msn, att, etc)
IM?: (ICQ, AIM, Yahoo, etc. Put the one used most often)
IM screen name:

Note: the IM link will only work if: 1) You have the AIM, and 2)your are logged onto it. Sorry you peeps without AIM.


Name: Hilde (I'm the web misteress here)
Location: L2
ISP: AT&T, (but I have the AOL IM. AIM)
IM?: yes
IM screen name: SkyAngelReina
Interests: Obviously, GW/EW. Anime, computers, internet, HTML, talking for hours, anime, video games, anime, pop music (-rap). I'm on a lot, so you can talk to me almost anytime.

name: android 18
location: uh here
isp: uhhh iono att?
IM: tokyopop
im screen name : duozgrrl or duosgrrl
interests: duhh, GW/EW , duo is my fave, dbz, TENCHI, anime, video games, rock music(limp bizkit, koRn, disturbed), surfin the web for hours on end, anime, TV, collecting images from various anime. anime, uhh other too.

Name: Kosmo Star
Location: O'Town, USA
ISP: att
IM: Yes, AOL Instant Messenger
IM screen name: kosmostar01
Interests: drawing, singing, anime, RPGs, country music (new thing), talking on the phone for hours, talking on AIM for hours, annoying my mom by talking on the phone and AIM for hours, Ronin Warriors, GW/EW (only seen the Toonami Endless Waltz movie for EW, but seen most of the GW series), computers, if you are wondering about tines I am on my comp, almost every day, during the week some time after 5:00 central time, weekends finds me on starting at 10:30 or 11:00 central time, this is because it is cold right now, I am out of shape (though I plan to join a tae kwan doe class soon), and the only good stuff on t.v. comes on when I'm doing hw or sleeping, and check the location, O'Town, USA, freshman at O'Town High. The school is named after the city. I would tell the exact location, but my parents are paranoid "child molesters on the net" people. -_-; (sigh) Have I scared you with this long e-mail yet? Cause it'll probably get worse! ^_^; j/k I'm mean to my friends.....playful teasing mean, but that is how you can tell we are friends. Don't ask me how, I don't know. My friends, personally, as in living in my town are Kintara Minami (I sure hope I spelled that right, Kit!), Kittifox Itezano, Ashnin Friendfield, Bunny (has no last name.....yet....), and all kinds of chorus buddies, as well as few people who don't have nicknames......I have (in my character family) an older brother, older than me by 10 years, an older sister, older than me by 5 years, a younger sister, younger than me by 3 years, and a friend so close to our family, he's practically a part of it, older than me by 2 years. I am 14, look like a girl with gray fur, dark blue hair, and pupil-less deep violet eyes.I look like a cat, ears tail, the whole enchiladada. No whiskers, though. In my family, I have a younger sistre, 3 years younger, a strange and somewhat moody father, be it good or bad, and a hard working mother. I am 14, slightly on the chubby side, and a bit short. I'm about 5'2", I think. I go by my alter-ego, Kosmo. If I haven't freaked you out yet, I will I'm sure, but don't let that scare you. When I'm freaky, I'm usually on a Mountain Dew high. On those rare occasions when it's not a Mountain Dew high, it's a sugar high. ^_^; If you're not totally freaked out by this short (yes short) description of my pitiful, freaky, way-out-of-wack, wierd life, email me or send me an IM! ^_^

Please don't anyone send me anything that long...

Name: Allison
Location: LaGrange Point 3
IM screen name: BlackBeltFairy
Interests: Drawing anime, Gundam Wing stuff, surfin the web, playin on
Computer, writing fanfics, talkin to other GW fans!

Name: Ange
Location: Junk Barge
IM screen name: Turate11
Interests: Makin Sites, writin fanfics, listening to music, and talkin to peeps

Name: Kelsey
Location: Duo's braid (?)
IM screen name: BlueGundamFariy
Interests: writin fanfics, watchin GW, stealing Allison's GW stuff, drawin, and breathing.

anyone who sent me an application in the past to months and isn't listed here, please re-send. AT&T's e-mail screwed up, and your appilication was probably deleted. Sorry for any inconvience.