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Doing rating. Due to popularity, there will also be a category page. Thank you for your input! Oh yeah, some people were complaining about the music, so now you can shut it up. Just scroll to the bottom of the navigation frame. ^_^

last update: 08/25/02

Oi, minna! Welcome to my lil' website. If you've been here before, it's undergone a lot of changes. If this is your first time here, be prepared. This site features the LARGEST collection of Duo pics ever found on any Duo website (soon), as well as links, trades, and... other cool stuff. Enjoy!
*Just added more fanart!. Also: uploaded first wave of doujin. pics... I need to get the thumbnails up, but if you click on the space where the pic shoule be, you can see the big version. I'm working on it!

Gomen nasai! I seem to have misplaced the disk containing ALL the Duo pics! I'm looking for it, tho. I don't know if I'll have enough space to put them all up. I'm already to 16MB of 20MB. Buy something from the store to help me here!

We reached over 10,000 hits!!! Thanks everyone!

No one e-mailed me with the counter at 10,000, so I can't give anything away do a special page or anything. T_T Anyway, thanks to everyone who came, and told thier friends, etc. Thanks a lot. *gets all dramatic* you like me, you really like me! This is too much. Thank you, thank you...*drama ends here* Umm.. I may start a few new things.. I already got a newsletter, if you want to know when the site is updated, and give live feedback on the ideas behind the site. Also, you can buy stuff from my store. I have links to the stuff you'd like... more coming soon.
Also, if you like my (Hilde Maxwell)'s art, then visit My Art Page It just shares the same account as this site, and I drew all the pics. Aside from that, it's unrelated to this site.
If you like my webpages, I'm making a FFVIII one dedicated to Squall and Rinoa. It's just getting started, but I have a ton of gifs (including movies!) and a load of MIDIs and some of the better tracks from the soundtrack. Fate's Circle And don't worry about the image on the front.. I'm working on getting it to show... -_-;;;


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