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I've been slowly adding to this little collection, and will keep doing so UNTIL I HAVE EVERY NON-YAOI DUO FIC ON THE WEB!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH!! cough, ahem. Wanna be part of the growing collection? Submit your fic here. Please have "fic(s)" as your subject, otherwise I might delete it. Thanks a bunch!
K, enjoy the current!!!

Stories listed in order of addition. Most recent is at bottom. When I get enough, they will be listed in alphabetical order, according to title. ok, another thing.... um.. I'm in the middle of re-doing some of this... making chapters and stuff... so some of the links may not work right now... sorry about that. I'm working it.

Learning to Live
By: Liz
Tear-jerker... the story of Hilde's last days with Duo.

I Love You, True
By: Hilde
Hilde thinks Duo is seeing another woman. But what is he really doing? And what sruprise does Duo have for Hilde?

by Hilde
A little romance fic between Duo and Evona.

The Nights We Spend Together
by Hilde
Duo and Hilde have been living together for some time now, still, they havn't confessed. Will they ever tell their ture feelings? And what will Hilde do when she finds out Duo might leave forever? Get the Kleenexes ready.

"Duo&Hilde: Just Friends?"
by Mina
Duo goes back to space to see Hilde, just as friends? But are they really something more than that? parts 1 and 2.

"Duo&Hilde: Just Friends?" (part 2) Duo and Hilde go on a date. But could it turn out to be something more?... (part 2) PG-13 by Mina
Love Hurts: part 1 Hilde breaks up with Duo. Why, and will they ever get back together? G by Hilde
Love Hurts: part 2 Read above first. They think they can stand it, but they can't stop thinking about each other. What now? PG by Hilde
Love Hurts: part 3 Read above 2 first. Will Duo and Hilde get back together, or not? It's make up, or break up. (Or is it make up and make out?) PG-13 by Hilde
"Sercrets: episode 1: The Beginning (part 1)" The GW boys find a girl named Reona, and change her life forever. PG by Hilde
"Secrets: episode 2: The Beginning (part 2)" Amazing abilties, and a strange message (of what?) from who, and WHEN? PG-13 by Hilde
"Secrets: episode 3: The Beginning (part 3)" A year has gone by since Reona first met the GW boys. The war is about to start, but will they survive until then, with the Gundams out of reach? PG-13 by Hilde
"Secrets: episode 4: Recollection" Nightmares about the recent past, but is that ALL that's bugging Reona? She also reveals her mysterious and tragic past. PG-13 by Hilde