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Project UFO Int'l (PUFOI) is a research non-profit organization.

Its Objective?

It's primary objective is to research and bring to light factually-based information on the UFO and extra-terrestrial/experiencer realities which have surfaced in our modern day.

Its Efforts?

Project UFO International understands too well the number of UFO sites which exist to inform the public media about the existence of UFOs and Extra-terrestrial visitations.
Perhaps this in itself is a necessity to awaken a dormant population to the awareness that we are truly not the only sapient beings existing in all the universes combined.

However, it also understands how much dis-information, unfortunately, is being perpetuated due to hoaxes, quick assumptions and skepticism.
Such needless propaganda only endeavors to plunge a healthy curious mind into an endless maze or labyrinth of stagnating irrelevant details where the viewer, will no doubt, become entangled into a multi-dimensional state of confusion with the inevitable event of closing one's "mind door" very quickly.

Project UFO Int'l has a different perspective and guideline, that is, always with the primary focus on keeping objectivity and optimism in its regard.
Its main highlight focus rests within the stadium of the Extra-terrestrial encounters-reaction phenomena with individuals on our planet, and vice versa.
The reports gathered assist an individual in comprehending the inter-communication(s) between the ET perception and ours.

Its Support Services?

PUFOI is at present emerging support services to experiencers/contactees.

It has come to realize in its extensive research, that there are individuals out there in our societies that are expressing real signs of a pertinent reality which is solidifying its presence, within and in regards to the extra-terrestrial/experiencer domain.

At this time, PUFOI is endeavoring to accomplish its supportive actions by:

  • Rendering a place or forum where experiencers/contactees can express themselves. [ UFO-PSI, an affiliate to PUFOI is offering this service] and;

  • Referring experiencers/contactees to qualified therapists and private counsellors, as well as support groups, versed in the UFO phenomena.
In these professional support fields, an experiencer/contactee having difficulty in maintaining personal equilibrium can find the needed assistances which they are seeking to obtain.

For therapists/counsellors who wish to have more information on how to include themselves in our Public OR Private Referral Lists, please click: "Therapist's Corner"


The contemporary Western tenet that 
     we are alone in the universe, conversant 
       only with ourselves, is, in fact, a  
        minority perspective, an anomaly.
                               - John Mack, M.D. 

Courtesy: John E. Mack, M.D.,©Stuart Conway.

PUFOI supports the efforts of the The John Mack Institute [JEMI]

ISEN-International Support Experiencer Network

        In part of our support efforts to the "experiencer population", PUFOI (with its affiliate UFO-PSI) have launched a new program primarily for experiencers, who are able to render their professional services and assistance to each other.

For more information regarding this network and for volunteer support experiencers, please write to:


ISEN's support efforts can also be viewed at:

Project UFO - Abduction Support Center

By the "Experiencers request", the Support Community has been rendered in "private mode".
To become part of the Community effort, one must sign in. Thank you.

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