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Under what category(+) would you best describe your SV (Star Visitor) experiences fall into?

Please refer to the "Hynek Close Encounters Classification System" below.



 (According to the HYNEK Classification System)

When you see, or at least think you see something of Extra-terrestrial origin, there are a series of classifications which allow you to define what "depth" of encounter you have experienced. These range from seeing a flashing light in the sky, to being taken aboard an Alien Spacecraft. If you or any of your family have ever had a close encounter, then you can find out which class of encounter by the definitions below.


Close Encounters Of A 1st Kind This is the most common category of a close encounter. It involves seeing something in the sky which you categorize as being a UFO. Anything from flashing lights to disc shaped craft gliding through the clouds - anything like that fits into this section.


Close Encounters Of A 2nd Kind A bit deeper than the 1st kind, to have a 2nd class encounter you must have witnessed what you can almost guarantee as being completely unknown - close up. If you come across a UFO landed in front of you or hovering above the ground in front then you've had a 2nd class encounter. Interaction with a UFO in any way is also a class 2 Encounter.


Close Encounters Of A 3rd Kind Aliens are involved in this class of encounter. If you see what you think is an alien - whether a UFO be involved or not, you've had a close encounter of the 3rd kind.

Close Encounters Of A 4th Kind  This class of encounter is sometimes used to define Abduction cases involving alleged Extra-Terrestrials.

Close Encounters Of A 5th Kind The rarest of Close Encounters, a class 5 relates to an experience involving contact or communication with an Extra-terrestrial race.


It is commonly thought that such experiences are the result of abduction by extra terrestrials. In some cases, an Abductee will be referred to as such due to numerous abductions. Some psychologists believe the phenomenon of Alien Abduction to be all in the mind - and not an actual physical experience.


Alien abductees often undergo hypnotic regression in an attempt to resurface memories regarding the abduction experience. This can often help piece together a picture of what the individual went through, in an effort to understand both their own experiences, and the phenomenon as a whole.



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How many times have you had CE experiences during your lifespan?


Do you keep a log or journal account of your CE experiences?



To your best recollection, describe one of your most significant CE experiences. Please be as precise and brief as possible.



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