Sky Crop Circles

Once again, interesting phenomena is taking place. But in essence, this type of phenomena has been taking place for some time.

Unlike our "Crop circles" reported worldwide, phenomena of similar attributes have been reported in our skies.

Personally, I have come to call them "Sky Crop Circles" (as this is the first impression I received). More technically, I would call them "Sky Cloud Circles".

Is this Nature at work again? Or is this our SVs (Star Visitors) trying to send a message across? Or is this our SVs camouflaging themselves in our skies, and what better way than to use clouds?

But surely, they would know of the intricate designs they are creating by their presence in our clouds.

Again, we are baffled by such a means of communication - if it is as such - which is definitely worthy of investigation. And how much more obvious can they make themselves known by leaving such intricately beautiful patterns in our skies with clouds?

Below are just a few examples of SCCs (Sky Crop/Cloud Circles).

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