Due to the high volume of hoaxes which have been reported recently, PUFOI (Project UFO Int'l) and its affiliate site UFO-PSI (UFO & Paranormal Studies Int'l) reserve the right to post only the UFO reports which are deemed to be valid, or even hold some questionable validity. These sighting reports will be posted on this website. Your name and e-mail address will NOT be in the posting unless you specifically render permission to PUFOI or UFO-PSI to do so.

All sighting, (incluant "experiencer") reports, video clips, pictures or drawings submitted to PUFOI and UFO-PSI will become the property of PUFOI and UFO-PSI. However, sender status of origination will be attributed to reports, videos, pictures, sketchings/drawings if you so wish to hold credits. What this basically means is that both PUFOI, its affiliate UFO-PSI and sender will hold copyright status.

PUFOI and UFO-PSI will not be held liable for any material which is received that holds copyrights to another individual other than the sender. The sender takes full responsibility for any copyright issues arising due to ownership conflicts.

Also, to maintain witness confidentiality, PUFOI and UFO-PSI will be listed as the source of the information unless the witness(es) has/have specifically requested that their name be displayed.

By filling report forms and sending all materials (information, videos, photographs, sketchings/drawings, diagrams) you are hereby giving permission to PUFOI and UFO-PSI to examine the evidence without being liable for the handling of its contents and also to release this to the media.

As well, anonymous reports (including no current and valid e-mail address) will not be considered and will be discarded.

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