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Abundance: The New Way
Chapter 1: Your Money Beliefs

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Abundance: the New Way
Chapter 1: Your Money Beliefs


This is part of a series of articles on living an abundant life. If you came to this page directly from a search engine search, it may be helpful to first read the following:
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What Did You Learn About Abundance Growing Up?
I�m willing to bet that at least part of your awareness around money stem from your most significant role models. Learning to notice what you really want, as opposed to what your parents wanted, may be a significant step in your path toward realizing your unique vision of abundance.

I�ll use my own childhood as an example. I grew up poor. In fact, we were what might be called dirt poor. If you are not from the south you may not have heard that term. I'm not sure where it originated or what it precisely means. To me, it meant we made a survived by the land, by getting our hands in the dirt.

We always had food to eat, due to the backbreaking work of Grandma and Grandpa in the garden and due to raising our own chickens, cows and pigs, but we didn't have many things. We didn't usually have cars we could depend on to get us from one place to another, we got one new outfit (or at the most, two) at the beginning of the school year, and we had an outside toilet long after all our neighbors had indoor plumbing.

My mother had a soul-level agreement to marry a man who was an abusive alcoholic. Right here, let me say that I feel labels minimize people. It is true that my father�s actions were the source of tremendous pain and suffering in my childhood years� and� he IS a Divine Child of God. Drinking alcohol to the point that he become what society would call dysfunctional has a label. It�s called alcoholism. Beyond that label are Divine Children of God in various soul walks of dark and light. Hurting other people, physically, emotionally or sexually has a label. It�s called abuse. I still use those words but I understand that the person behind them is far more than any label could ever express.

Due to my mother�s choices, and my own choice to come into this particular family unit and dynamic, I spent a lot of my childhood with only the bare essentials and sometimes, not even those. I remember hiding behind doors quietly when bill collectors came to call. In particular, I remember a certain day when there was nothing in the cupboard except flour and salt. My Mom made homemade crackers. They were good� and they were all we had, an interesting paradox in the mind of the child I was then..

This legacy of LACK followed me into my adult years and I struggled for decades with never quite having enough to live comfortably and repeatedly slipping back into the old, childhood pattern of lack and struggle. It was a long road, that dirt poor road, which seemed to stretch out in front of me forever. It was very tough to begin to see a way out of that way of living and into a more abundant life.

I also realized I didn�t want to be successful if I couldn�t take my entire family with me, particularly my Mother. It did not feel appropriate to me to have all these things I wanted when I felt she did not have things she needed. Even though I�m fully aware that we create our reality, and even though my Mother was never particularly chafed by being poor, I hated it and wanted her out of poverty�s grip as well. It was not my decision to make.

Perhaps you are holding back your own abundance through some tribal allegiance to your family. Looking at your relationship to money means looking at your relationship to those closest to you, finding patterns that are unhealthy, codependent or just out of alignment with soul purpose, and choosing consciously about money. If you find that you have a tribal or family agreement that no longer serves you, remember that agreements may be negotiated or, if needed, terminated. This can happen on a soul level.

Release exercise around family agreements: While in a meditative, prayerful or relaxed state, notice the patterns of belief around money that you may have unconsciously adopted from those who raised you, as well as conscious teachings that may have created part of your perceptions on abundance. As you bring these things to mind, ask deeply if there is something in these agreements of thought that still serves you in some way. For some, it is agreed to stay with a limitation until the other may also shift. If that�s your agreement, bringing it to conscious awareness may help you relax into what you have agreed and release resistance to how that is looking in the world of finances.

However, if you find that the agreements made were from an unhealed or unaware part of yourself, or that your consciousness has shifted to the point where the agreement is no longer valid, negotiate a new agreement with the other person / people involved. If no new agreement may be reached, see how it feels to terminate the agreement altogether. None of this has to involve actual conversation with anyone. It is an etheric shift which will out picture in your relationships changing and shifting.

Spiritual Health Disclaimer: The spiritual information on this website is the result of my own life as a 6/3 Generator (research Human Design to see what that means) practicing trial and error. Nothing here is meant to replace a person's innate spiritual sensing and guidance.