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Chiropractic Care as a
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Chiropractic Care Information - My Personal Chiropractic Experiences

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I've gotten chiropractic treatments for the past 25 or 30 years. In that time, I have seen literally dozens of different chiropractors and have had literally thousands of chiropractic adjustments.

I've had some incredible experiences with chiropractic care as well as some experiences I considered severely and chronically harmful. In particular, those chiropractors who do not warm up the muscles beforehand have harmed me.

I had this idea that, because chiropractic care was a form of natural healing, it was safe. I now know, just because a method of wellness is considered alternative, that does not mean it is always safe. Any alternative medicine therapy or technique that involves changing the skeletal structure is only as good as the person doing it. I learned the hard way that the skill of any particular chiropractor cannot be assumed.

Just as with any other type of doctor, you should exercise care when choosing a doctor of chiropractic because all chiropractors are not equally skilled. Before the chiropractor ever makes the first adjustment, ask a few questions about how much control you have. Ask if you can stop them if the adjustment doesn't feel right or feels too strong or causes pain.

Just Say No to Manual Adjustments: Over the years, I've moved completely away from the type of chiro adjustments that I call "old school pop and grind" where the spine is manually twisted and adjusted. I believe, truly, that this type of manual adjustment can be very dangerous, particularly if the body is not sufficiently warmed up prior to the adjustment.

Once I learned about low-force and no-force chiropractic care, I became convinced that was the only way to go for me.

I have gotten, by far, my best results with chiropractors trained in the Morter Health System, also called B.E.S.T. I've also had good results with those low-force and no-force chiros who use a machine called the activator and who use other no-force modalities. I've found, though, that even non-force chiropractors may still want to manually adjust the neck. I've allowed myself to be talked into this several times because the chiropractor felt it was the only way to really get a good adjustment, due to my neck tension. It was never a good idea for me. I don't allow it at all now. If you have a manual adjustment to the neck and it causes you pain or dizziness, consider insisting that there be no more of that.

Health Disclaimer: A chiropractor seeks to restore normal alignment of the spine, to assist in better blood flow thru the body. Chiropractic care is not represented as replacement for medical attention.