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Abundance: The New Way

Living an Abundant Life!


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Like so many (perhaps like you) I've spent the majority of my life collecting pieces of paper to create abundance and trying somehow to have more pieces of paper than I needed, to have extra. In other words, money was the yardstick by which success was determined for me. I grew up with my Grandmother as a predominant role model. She lived through the depression and was of the firm belief that one's treasures are "laid up in heaven" and that being on the earth meant toil and trouble, pain and suffering. She believed that life was hard because it had been so hard for her during her formative years. My Mom was a divorced single parent and toiled at a carpet mill. My father was an alcoholic so, although there were times of abundance, there were many more times when he disappeared and there was nothing to eat in the house except flour and water and salt (my Mom made crackers, an amazing choice I didn't appreciate as a child.)

Once I became an adult, I pretty much assumed my drive for money was natural and that if I just tried hard enough, did the right things, I'd have wealth. I didn't realize it for many years but after I became an adult, it was never really money that drove me. I acted as if it was. I set goals, I networked, I made vision boards, I did affirmations, etc. Yet, just as it had been in childhood, there were periods of abundance strewn among many more experiences of lack. This pattern continued throughout my adult life.

I understand now that, far from being evidence of success, money is a more of a byproduct of living an abundant, aligned life. If it is a byproduct, the natural result of my following the path that offers the highest degree of love, light, joy, grace and ease, then focusing on how many dollars are in my bank account is counterproductive. You know where you are in the process. Use these tools in whatever way best serves your current path. Deliberately and methodically create one specific path, based on mind. Collapse the wave around one potential and it can be yours or� you can let life bring you the path that is beyond imagining or planning. It is my hope that you choose the new way and... whichever way you choose, thank you for spending this time with me.

The new way is a metaphysical approach to abundance in the new world. Shifting your relationship with money is at the core of it. If you are spiritually awake, aware and responsible, you will most likely resonate with the principles in this material. If you are not metaphysically-minded, you may struggle with some of this information. I am assuming you are still reading because you feel your life would be better with a stronger flow of abundance. Please don�t skip the following introductory question if you want to get the most from the resource you are choosing�

What does more abundance mean to you? Be as specific as you can about what it would mean to you, to be living an abundant life in all areas of your life. How much money? How much freedom? What kinds of things would be added? What would be taken away?

Next question: If you had abundance right now, as you just defined it for yourself in the first question, what is the difference between your life right now and what your life would look like if you were feeling securely, financially abundant? What would have changed? Be specific. What would be in your life that is not there now? What would be gone from your life that money could help you eliminate? There are no right or wrong answers.

If you imagine that life you want to be living, do you see an expensive house? Expensive cars, clothing and jewelry? A certain amount of money in the bank or in a retirement account? Does abundance look more like having the freedom to travel? Is living an abundant life more about healthy, organic food and having access to natural beauty, clean air and pure water? Would financial abundance leave you with more free time to be with and support your family? Would it free you to follow some creative path that you might feel you can�t afford right now? Would more money allow you freedom from stress, so that you could devote your life more fully to spiritual practice or service and help those in need, with money as well as your time?

Whatever the vision you have at this moment, make some mental notes or write down what abundance looks and feels like for you. I suspect, by the end of this this material, you may want to revise those notes. In my own journey with this subject, I have redefined abundance more than a few times.

In the Spirit of transparency, you should know that I don�t measure abundance in pieces of paper although one reason I�m writing, for myself, is because I got stuck in that paradigm again recently. As the old way continues to collapse and the new way continues to be birthed, fluxes in and out of lack and poverty consciousness may be more common. In general, abundance isn�t about how many pieces of paper I have in a bank somewhere. However, if money literally is your primary measure of abundance, the steps in this series may still help you determine what might be keeping those pieces of paper we call �money� from you. The tools work regardless of the vision. What is of value to me doesn�t require a lot of money yet it�s been just as challenging for me to experience abundance, with simple wants, as it may be for those with huge dreams of wealth.

Ready to continue? Chapter 1: Your Money Beliefs

Spiritual Health Disclaimer: The spiritual information on this website is the result of my own life as a 6/3 Generator (research Human Design to see what that means) practicing trial and error. Nothing here is meant to replace a person's innate spiritual sensing and guidance.