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Do Herbal Body Wraps Work?
Health and Beauty Benefits of Wrapping

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Ask A Healer Healthy Weight Loss Series

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Beyond the Hype of all the Ads - What health benefits can an herbal body wrap provide?


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Are you considering an herbal body wrap? This is part of a series on healthy weight loss and on this page, we talk about herbals and whether or not this is a wrap that works. Please also read the introduction to this series: do body wraps really work? and herbs used in herbal body wraps

Most people get body wraps to lose inches and weight. Nothing wrong with that but there are many benefits besides those two, in a quality, therapeutic herbal body-wrap. Researching body wraps and, in particular, comparing body wrap ingredients used in different blends or kits is a good idea, as is getting good instructions for how to do a bodywrap at home, as an alternative to high salon prices. The other benefit to do it at home programs is that you have control over what goes into the wrap solution.

Benefits of Herbal Body Wraps
* Clear up skin problems Skin care tips
* Detox More on detoxing
* Relieve Aches and Pains
* Tone and firm the skin
* Reduce Cellulite

You may notice I did not include weight loss on that list of the benefits of body wraps. While regular body-wrapping can help you tone and firm the skin, significant and permanent weight loss can only be achieved with a combination of regular fitness, healthy diet and other beautifying practices such as wrapping.

Herbal wraps that also contain detoxifying clay are most apt to give you the best results in the areas listed above. An herbal wrap featuring organic ingredients is best by far since part of what you put on your skin will be absorbed into your skin.

After a series of herbal body wraps, you could reasonably expect to see younger looking, more firm-looking skin and to have experienced a noticable level of detox effects, such as a healthier glow to your skin and hair. You may also notice slight weight loss with herbal body wraps though, as I mentioned above, weight loss would not be my goal with an herbal body wrap. However, these types of wraps can be detoxing and when the body is clear of toxins, it naturally gravitates toward a healthy weight.

The most important reason for bodywrapping with herbs:
Although weight loss and inch loss, temporary though it may be, is the most common reason that people do herbal body wraps, I believe the most beneficial property of a really good body wrap is detoxing. Herbal body wraps are uniquely effective for detoxing, provided the right herbs are chosen and, optimally, when combined with detoxifying clay.

I am of the firm belief that a toxic body cannot function well on any level, including the absorption of nutrients and the maintaining of ideal weight. Because I'm an advocate of detoxing, herbal body wraps hold particular attention because the skin is the body's biggest eliminatory organ so a head to toe wrap with detoxing herbs is a quick and easy way to help the body release toxins through the skin. Most good herbal solutions work to detox the body in some way, in addition to beautifying and toning properties. In fact, health benefits are more important than inches lost or toning, to me and maybe to others. I must again repeat that I'd look for organic ingredients. It makes no sense to attempt detoxing with an herbal body wrap that isn't pure.

Detoxing your body safely is something to consider as an important first step in successful weight loss, whether or not you achieve that detox through a body wrap, a detoxing cleanse, juicing, etc.

Why a Doctor's Release?
In many body wrap salons, and specifically those that offer infrared body-wraps, you will be asked to sign a release saying you have checked with your doctor so get that out of the way before you make your appointment. The goal of a qualified body wrap technician should be inch loss and weight loss along with better health, not disregarding better health. Most healthy people can do body wraps unless pregnant. However, if under a doctor's care for any known condition, it is always best to talk with your doctor.

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Important Health Disclaimer: Although most people tolerate the herbs in herbal body wraps, it's always possible for an allergic reaction to occur. If sensitive to topicals, ask for a patch test. If any unpleasant physical reactions are experienced, ask spa technician to remove the wrap immediately.

For those on medications, it's very important to check with your doctor before doing a body wrap, because topicals soak into the skin and into bloodstream. According to a beauty consultant I talked with, when an herbal body wrap is put on, the skin will absorb about 40 percent of the active ingredients. Same with a mineral wrap. No type of body wrap should be used by those who are pregnant or nursing, unless your doctor approves and, by approves, I mean you take in the ingredient list to your doctor and describe fully what will take place in the body wrap session.