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Body Wrap Myths and Misconceptions
What a Body Wrap CANNOT Do For You

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Reasonable Expectations When Bodywrapping


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There are true benefits to regular body wraps and then there are unrealistic expectations. Those unrealistic expectations are often magnified by advertisements promising almost miraculous results. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is a duck, to mix metaphors.

Can you really experience inch loss in the 2-digits from a single herbal wraps and mineral wrap? Is that real weight loss or water weight loss? If it sounds too good to be true, is it too good to be true? With all the advertising and hype, how does the average consumer know what to believe when it comes to this particular type of health and beauty treatment? I hope to dispel some of the myths about body wraps for you here on this page. Do you expect too much from that body wrap? Let's find out....

Bodywrap Myth # 1 - I can eat what I want and still lose weight as long as I do bodywraps.

Body Wraps cannot replace eating healthy. You still have to be proactive in your own weight loss plan by choosing healthy foods, exercising, drinking enough water to hydrate and facilitate weight loss, etc. Those are choices you have to make, in addition to body wraps and weight loss supplements, to achieve lasting and healthy weight loss.

Bodwrap Myth # 2: I can lose weight with one body wrap.

This is one of the biggest myths! You may lose inches, very temporarily, but you will not lose weight with one wrap. In fact, you may not lose weight with a dozen wraps but you should see toning and detoxing benefits if you choose a good wrap. Along with a great diet and fitness program, a toning wrap can help you see those nice defined muscles you long for, a little bit sooner.

Bodywrap Myth # 3: Bodywraps will tone my body without exercise.

I actually believe one of the best reasons to wrap regularly in a quality solution is to help tone the skin. I think wraps do this well. However, they do not replace regular exercise. Getting regular wraps can definitely augment your weight loss and fitness regimen but you have to do the most important work all on your own, to create the body you really want and deserve. Before you make that body wrap appointment, have a good look at your eating and exercise habits and decide if you are willing to make all the changes necessary to achieve YOUR PERFECT BODY. If not, don't waste your time on these or any other body wraps.

Bodywrap Myth # 4: One or two wraps can make a real difference.

If you want to look good for your wedding or reunion, maybe one wrap done just before can accomplish getting you into the desired dress. However, to reap the benefits of this health and beauty treatment, it takes consistency pays. Expect to do a series of wraps, in conjunction with other lifetstyle changes, to see the results you seek. Most body-wrap salons offer discounts for packages so ask about that when you call. Most salons recommend at least 10 body-wraps for best results. I personally feel that a maintenance wrap at least twice a month is terrific longterm if you can swing it financially, but at least commit to as many as you can during any weight loss period, to maximize your appearance from your weight loss and exercise efforts.

Compare wraps beforehand: Just because the advertisement says this wrap is the best, that doesn't make it so. A bodywrap cannot tell you whether it's the best or not, although the results certainly can after you've paid for and went thru the wrap process. Typically, a wrap technician working for a specific spa is simply giving you the scripted information they are trained to give you. Ask to talk to the owner if you have questions the technician cannot answer about ingredient quality.

All wraps are not created equal so ask lots of questions, ask to see testimonials, ask about the ingredients, any science behind the use of particular ingredients, etc. Compare not only price but quality of service and ease of experience. If it's torture, you are not likely to keep doing it so don't kid yourself. If you don't do some homework beforehand, you may be sold an inferior product. Choose unwisely and you will see little or no results because you may just choose the most-advertised wrap or the one proclaiming the most miraculous results.

To sum up, good body wraps work but alone, they are not enough: Even the best body wrap will not give you the results you seek if you do not also alter the lifestyle and habits that have resulted in the extra weight. Used intelligently, as part of a weight loss and fitness program, the right body-wrap can work, as part of a well-designed health and fitness regimen. A really good body wrap will tone and firm skin over time as well as helping to reduce cellulite. A superior body-wrap, in addition to the above benefits, will also help detoxify the body for improvement in skin tone and texture that can be seen, felt, and commented upon by those who know you well and will recognize a change. A single bodywrap cannot do what a series of wraps can accomplish. It is unrealistic to expect a 60-minute herbal wrap to erase years of gradual weight gain or skin troubles.

And perhaps the strongest tip I can give: Go organic or skip the wrap! Look for organic ingredients because part of what goes on your skin, soaks into your skin. You want your body to be fed pure ingredients, and not gunk. my organic favorites.

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Wholistic Health Disclaimer: No type of body wrap, even if the ingredients are organic or all-natural, should be used by those who are pregnant or nursing, unless your doctor approves. Also, those with heart conditions should check with their doctor before doing a body wrap. Additionally, bodywrapping is not represented as replacement for diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle or medical evaluation for conditions impacting weight gain.