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How to Learn Reiki


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Reiki Therapy is a wonderful, soothing form of healing energy that most respond to favorably. A Reiki healing session may provide a peaceful feeling, release of aches and pains as well as emotional clearing that is important for healing.

How do you do Reiki, you may ask? When I first got attuned to the Reiki gridline, I also wondered about this. How do I know if I'm doing it right? Over time, I realized that the gridline of energy Reiki stems from has an intelligence that is Divine and infallable. My job, as far as I can determine, is to get my mind and ego-worries out of the way and simply let the energy flow. I'm not doing anything except being available and open and keeping my personal self out of it.

Reiki Training and Attunements:
It may seem confusing to hear me say that the Reiki Practitioner doesn't "do" anything and then to suggest training. There are very specific Reiki symbols that activate different gridlines of energy and a teacher can help you learn how to best work with each symbol in a session. In addition, when you are actualy giving someone a Reiki Sessions, there are 22 energy-related hand positions requiring specific placement. These are part of what the founding Reiki Master, Mikao Usui, taught and some Reiki Master go through all 22, in order, in every single session. Others use a more intuitive approach and may skip around. In my experience, the Reiki Hand Positions were good to practice with because they created more awareness for me, a new Reiki healer at the time, of the energy centers. The hand positions give structure to the new healer so I think they are important to learn. The other advantage of a class is to learn about the history and intent behind Reiki.

In a typical Level 1 Class, the teacher may give you energy sensing exercises that are not part of the Reiki teachings but are designed to help the teacher understand the awareness levels of her students and to recognize any that are naturally activated toward healing. you will learn how to connect with and share the Reiki frequencies, and be able to assist family and friends with healing as well as being able to give yourself Reiki therapy. Even if you don't want to become a Reiki Master, you may enjoy and benefit from a Reiki workshop.

The purpose of the Reiki class is at least two-fold, in my opinion. The Reiki workshops may help you understand some of the experiences you may encounter while working with vibrational medicine and help you to stay centered, clear and grounded as you learn Reiki and learn how to facilitate healing for others. However, the most significant part of Reiki Training isn't training at all but a passing on of a frequency and a connection to a gridline of energetic support.

The Reiki attunements are passed by the Reiki teacher to the student, opening the student to the specific gridlines of divine energy that inform a Reiki healing session. The giving of the Reiki attunements takes very little time yet has a profound effect on the energetic body, with clearing and preparation that continue for 21 days. Read part three of this article for what happens after the Reiki class, below.

During a Reiki training workshop, you will be shown the Reiki symbols and hand positions and taught how to work with the Reiki energy field. In most classes, you only receive the symbol for Reiki One energies in the first class. You receive other symbols in higher levels of training. In the first class, called Reiki 1 or Reiki attunement 1, the healing energy is turned on by intent and not by active use of the Reiki Symbols. There has been some controversy over whether the Reiki symbols should be readily available to the public. At first, they were carefully guarded and only shown to those who had been attuned to Reiki through proper workshops.

A woman named Diane Stein changed all that when she made the Reiki symbols public. I still believe it's best not to work with them until after you are attuned to Reiki 1 level at least, but the symbols are publically available if you want to study them before taking any class or training at all in Diane's book, called Essential Reiki which may be ordered on amazon or other online stores. I have provided some informaton on it here, for further reading: Diane Stein - Essential Reiki

Part three: What happens after the Reiki Class?

Exploring the quantum level of healing, beyond any named modality involves Etheric Alchemy

Health Disclaimer: Reiki is a natural healing modalitiy and, as such, is not presented as any type of substitute for any needed medical attention. Be wise with your health.