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What is Distant Healing?
How to Do a Distant Healing

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Can Healing Energy Traverse Space? Does Distant Healing Really Work?


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Healing facilitators are often called by phone or email and requested to give distant healing support for those who cannot come in person for a session. Does this mean the healing facilitator simply prays on your behalf or is it possible to literally send energetic healing over space and time? Can true energetic healing happen unless it happens in person?

What is distant healing? I define it as energetic frequencies sent through space in such a way that the receive is impacted in a positive way. If you are a healing facilitator, you will eventually be called upon to work with someone who cannot be there with you, in person. How does a healing facilitator handle this situation.

If you call a healing facilitator and ask for what is called a distant healing session, can you expect you will actually feel the energy just as you would when you were on the healing table and the facilitator was literally laying on hands? Or is distant healing merely a form of focused prayer?

Focused prayer has energetic reality to it and yet, my experience has been that an energetic healing session at a distance is different than just prayer alone, and can be as intensely felt in the body as if it were an in-person healing.

People with whom I've done distant healing work report many of the same sensations they would have probably felt in-person, including hot or cold sensations in the body, shamanic journeying and emotional release. Additionally, if the person receiving the distant healing is ready to do deeper work, being separated by space does not seem to prevent that from happening either.

About the only area of healing facilitation that I see a marked difference in is the area of cellular release around childhood traumas and, in those cases, the human presence and touch in the room often makes a big difference. Although I have had cases where someone was able to release a fearful childhood trauma during a Reiki healing that was distant, or a cellular release facilitation sesson that was not in-person, it's typical to have the session stop short of that level of release in those cases. I believe this is due to the strong need for Sacred Space that feels safe enough to do this type of work. That is harder to achieve in a distant session.

Symptoms associated with very deep energetic healing work, including nausea, dizziness, aching joints, muscle spasms and the like have been reported as well.

In Reiki healing, at least among some practitioners I've known, there is a pretty specific way of doing this type of healing at a distance. One text I read (sorry, have long since forgotten where) suggested a visualization of the person you wer working with in miniature, right in front of you. Then, using your hands, you work with this miniature version of the person with whom you are connecting in another space.

Also specific to Reiki Healing is a particular energetic symbol given to Reiki practitioners at the time of their attunement, which is specifically designed to facilitate distant healing. By tracing this symbol before beginning, you can connect to the gridline that best supports healing at a distance.

In my own case, this type of healing takes different forms. Sometimes, it is like the Reiki healing technique and I do visualize the person's body in front of me. Other times, I astrally project to where the person is at the time of the healing. Still other times, I simply connect through the third eye and that is all that is needed. Not sure what makes the difference. I just follow guidance with any particular session.

Spiritual Health Disclaimer: The information contained in this article on energetic healing should not be construed as replacement for personal medical advice from your health care professional. Explore distant healing at your own pace and consult with your own trusted spiritual advisors regarding your path to wellness.