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Should You Use Valtrex or
Natural Herpes Remedies?

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About Prescription Drugs for HSV:
Valtrex, one of the few drugs approved for treatment of genital herpes, is truly too new to even know what the longterm effects and health risks might be for those taking it. Are you prepared to take a drug for the rest of your life, particularly a new drug without a proven track record? That's a risk some are not willing to take, but what is the alternative?

Well, let's look at what causes herpes for a clue ...... herpes outbreaks are caused by a virus and there are no known drugs that actually kill viruses. That's why medical doctors cannot tell you that taking Valtrex will cure your herpes. At best, Valtrex may suppress an outbreak but the virus is still there, waiting to come out again. It could be next week, next month, next year. Is that a way to live? On the other hand, there are natural substances that are antiviral and can kill viruses, like the ones used in potent, natural antiviral formulas. And there are some that can also cross the blood/brain barrier and attack herpes where it lives, because they contain essential oils.

The Difference Between Prescription Drugs and Natural Remedies:
Prescription drugs most often target symptom relief. For the person suffering from a genital herpes outbreak, relief is an urgent concern. Add to this the pronouncement of western medicine that HSV is a life sentence and uncurable, and it's understandable to see most folks looking for the quick fix.

Though Valtrex, Acyclovir and Famvir may seem to provide a quick fix because, for many they help the immediate symptoms, neither is a cure for HSV-2. Symptom relief is important but unless the body is given agressive and significant support, it remains vulnerable to another herpes outbreak at any time.

This is where I believe natural herpes remedies may provide added support to the system, over time, to strengthen the body against the resurfacing of the virus. Those who use natural antivirals for herpes see less frequent and less virulent outbreaks over time. This is the most important difference between natural substances that support the body's innate ability to keep itself strong and prescription drugs which work only to suppress symptoms.

The natural approach to addressing HSV-2 may not appear to work for a lot of people, due to a lack of education on holistic remedies in general. They are not the quick fix of a prescription drugs and, in the case of herpes, even those are not quick fixes like antibiotics or antacids would be for their respective symptom-stopping health challenges. One should expect to stay on a holistic regimen for herpes long-term.

Natural remedies often take longer to work because they are addressing the core cause and not just the resulting symptoms. Also, natural antivirals and immune boosters and detoxifiers can sometimes flare up a conditition temporarily, which is actually considered a good sign since it means your body is flushing the virus out at a deeper level.

A lot of people simply aren't willing to give a natural approach time to work. The sad thing about that is that the prescription drugs don't really work either. They suppress, for a time and sometimes rather quickly. I understand that has value. Yet, think about the rest of your life. Would you rather deal with the potential of one or two outbreaks that could save you a lifetime of living in fear of the next one? And you may not even have to live with a flare up before the healing begins. Some do, but not everyone.

Health Disclaimer: The medical profession recognizes no cure for herpes simplex virus. The FDA has prohibited natural substances from being advertised as a cure for herpes. If you have been diagnosed with genital herpes or HSV-1, please educate yourself as to the benefits and side effects of all given treatment options. Hopefully, you will choose a doctor who is open to the idea of further supporting the body with natural antivirals and not just suppressing symptoms with Valtrex.