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Human Design System
Generator 6/3 Profile

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My experience with Human Design
Generator 6/3 Profile
I heard about Human Design for years before I actually investigated it for myself. When I finally did, I was amazed at the accuracy of my profile information. It felt like Ra Hru Ru had been following me around and taking notes on how I was living. Human Design is a system of information that details the specific design for living that a person chose, based on when and where they were born. It contains elements of astrology and the IChing and other esoteric practices but is it's own unique system. If you'd like to check out your own human design profile, you may request a free human design chart

The Generator 6/3 Profile:

I'm still quite the newbie at understanding and applying the qualities of my own profile and know very little about other profiles, except for my closest friends and family. So. The main aspect of being a Generator is that I am designed to respond to life and that I chose a design that does not work well when I decide to cause, or intiate. A generator has an aura that will naturally draw life to them, and they have the ability to respond with powerful energy to what life brings. However, if a generator tries to act like a manifestor and cause things to happen, they go into what's called "not self" with the result being frustration.

I lived most my life as a Manifestor. That's what all the books say to do. Go out and make it happen. Just do it. Well, a generator can only "do it" when they allow life to bring something to them that's worth doing and in alignment with them. Getting a "YES" on something is vital but most Generators don't know how to recognize a yes that is sacral, that is coming from the body and not the mind or emotions. I certainly worked from my mind and emotions most of my life. Since learning about human design, I'm paying more attention to my body now. I'm learning to ignore the monkey mind chatter and the emotional waves and just tune in to my sacral. It's been one of the hardest things I've had to shift.

If you are like me and just reading about human design for the first time, you probably already have tons of questions. I can't answer them, as I'm still just practicing my own design. However, there's a lot of info on line and several facebook groups including a great one on 6th line designs. I'd recommend searching and finding more info if you have an interest in human design.

For me, it's been incredibly valuable so far. I'm discovering just how much of my first 59 years on earth were lived from my mind and emotions and how much of my response was conditioned.

Spiritual Health Disclaimer: The information on Human Design is for spiritual guidance ONLY and is not suggested as replacement for any needed mental health or physical health evaluation. Each person has their own unique spiritual path. If the resources here prove helpful, I'm happy about that. If they don't please disregard, of course.