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What is a Healer? Do we Need Healers?
How do People Become Energy Workers?

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What role does the energetic healer fill? Can we heal without their help?


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Question on spiritual healing: I am very interested in how a person becomes a healer and what being a healer really means. Do I have to have a healer work on me, to heal?

Healing facilitation response: The Spiritual Journey of the vibrational healing facilitator may seem mysterious but it is really just the remembering of who we are at a higher level and offering that knowledge to others. To say a person is a healerreally is not even the best word to describe this vocation because the power is not with the facilitator but with the person seeking healing.

The human body is a marvelous creation, with all sorts of natural alarm systems to let us know when something is going out of balance, away from homeostasis. Yet, we often ignore those suble warnings until a more serious condition has developed. At that time, depending on our belief systems, we may go to a doctor for help, or a healing facilitator, or both.

What makes a good healer?
An effective healer, or healing facilitator, is someone who has consciously allowed a divine partnership with Spirit: an effective partnership of consistent, unimpeded healing energy and a human body, for the purpose of lending energetic support to others who are struggling in some way. Learn more about energetic support with the free healing class I offer.

In my awareness, healer is not the best word to use but it is still the word used to describe this type of energetic partnering with Source on behalf of another. The person who has chosen to allow that partnership in greater levels than those surrounding them are seen as healers. Factually, they are more supportive witness and healing facilitators.

Do you have to see a healer, to heal?
In reality, we are all healing facilitators. Some of us just made a choice to hone that natural gift, do the personal work required to get the little self out of the way and to heal wounds within. However, I believe the question being asked is do we have to go to such a person, someone dedicated to helping others heal themselves, to heal? Well, the obvious answer is no but there are times when the value of a clear energetic support is unquestionable.

Each being is sovereign master of their destiny at all times. However, there are times when we are less connected to God, Universal Lifeforce, Spirit, than others. During those times when we have drifted from our truth in some way, a healing facilitator can hold Sacred Space and transmit a clear frequency of support that can assist us in healing ourselves.

How do I become a healer?
To become a healer, one has to be willing to allow an energetic resonance within them that isn't about words, ego needs, opinion, judgment or fear. In particular, fear has no place in the healing room. A healer in fear is useless in a real crisis. Spiritual compassion, on the other hand, leads to spiritual surrender of the vessel (the healer's body) to Godforce energies. Most healers make their work a lot harder, in the beginning. They believe they have to impart great words of wisdom or that they have to personally be aware of the healing process and direct it every moment, for true healing to occur.

New healers typically get too attached to results, with favorable results being the desired outcome. Learning to walk in grace as a healer involves a release of need for accolades and a release of fear of judgment when healing does not occur as the person seeking the healing would have wished. When I was conducting Reiki classes, I would often tell my classmates that they would know the ego was in it's proper place when they could hear either extreme of feedback, supremely positive or negative, and remain unaffected. a person said they had experienced miraculous healing or if they said their condition was worse than before the healing, the healer would know that whatever the result, the person seeking the healing was responsible for their own path of healing.

Sometimes, people need their pain more than they need healing. It takes time for the Spirit of such a person to agree to let go of pain that has been, in some way, serving a strong ego or personality self need. The healer must be patient and know that each soul is in command of it's own destiny.

Spiritual Health Disclaimer: The information contained in any health care / spiritual healing article or material on this site is not intended sway or change anyone's personal spiritual beliefs. Nor is it shared to be debated. It is just shared. Please consult with your chosen spiritual advisor on matters relating to your spiritual and physical health and well-being.