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Body Wrap Formulas for
Doing Body Wraps at Home

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Clay and Mud Body Wrap Formulas for doing Body Wraps at Home


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At Home Body Wraps

Do body wraps really work?

Pros and Cons of Home Wrapping:
Doing body wraps at home is not for everyone. You need to have a friend who is calm and good with following instructions. Some folks may not be comfortable with wrapping you so be sure you tell them what is involved beforehand. However, assuming you have a friend who is willing, the convenience of doing wraps at home and also of knowing all the ingredients in your bodywrap are organic may outweigh the learning curve required to actually do wraps at home.

The kits I link to later down on this page are body wrap kits which target specific problems and include a seaweed and minerals kit for weight loss and toning plus kits for reducing body odor, cellulite, pain, and the appearance of stretchmarks.

When doing bodywraps at home, it's good to have a clear space with plastic sheeting laid down, to stand on. Also, you will probably need large glass bowls for mixing solution, and wooden spoons rather than metal for stirring. Focus on how tightly you wrap from start to finish and try to be consistent throughout. The wrap should be cozy and tight enough to stay on but not constricting to the point of discomfort.

There is also a helpful guide on doing wraps at home, which may be helpful:

Home Body Wrap Information Ebook

Body Wraps - Do They Work? Conclusion:
How to Get the Most From Your Body-Wrap Experience

Important Note about body wraps: Although most people tolerate the herbs in herbs in body wraps and most mineral wraps are comprised of minerals the body needs and uses effectively, those on medications should always check with their doctor before doing a body wrap where topicals can soak into the skin. According to a beauty consultant I talked with, when an herbal body wrap is put on, the skin will absorb about 40 percent of the active ingredients. Same with a mineral wrap.

Important note on body wrap safety: No type of body wrap, even if the ingredients are organic or all-natural, should be used by those who are pregnant or nursing, unless your doctor approves. Also, those with heart conditions should check with their doctor before doing a body wrap.