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Herbal Remedy Safety: using herbs with prescription drugs

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Earth Calm EMF Protection

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Therabreath Probiotics
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Buy organic natural remedies, supplements and beauty products from same online store

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Starwest Botanicals has a wide range of fresh organic and wildcrafted herbs. Starwest herbal teas are Fair Trade certified, they use recycled paper and nontoxic inks. The extensive assortment of organic culinary herbs, craft, organic medicinal herbs and therapeutic herbs available range from A to Z and you can buy bulk if desired. In addition, wonderful organic essential oils available. Whether you are looking for culinary herbs to add flavor and health benefits to your recipes, pure ingredients to make your own tinctures, salves, soaps or supplements, or therapeutic herbs for supplementation and health support, Starwest Botanicals has what you need. Really amazing selection, just click the organic link.

Organic Product Line Includes:

* Bulk Organic Herbs

* Organic Spices & Seasonings

* Organic Bath & Dryer Bags

* Organic Sprouting Seeds - perfect for those wanting to get into organic gardening as well as established gardeners who want quality seeds.

* Acid-2-Alkaline section, you will find products for naturally boosting alkaline ph levels

* Additional sections bring you green superfoods, natural herbal remedies and potent nutritional supplements

Starwest has a full range of organic bulk herbs and supplements. I'll link to a popular favorite (amazon's choice, last time I checked) and you can explore from there. Organic Tumeric at Starwest

Health Care Disclaimer: Natural herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, green superfoods and other products I talk about here at Ask a Healer are meant to be viewed as supportive nutrition for a healthy body. They are not presented as replacement for medical care or treatment. If under a doctors care for any known medical condition, check with your doctor before taking herbal remedies or other natural supplements.