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Boost Your Serotonin Levels
with Natural Saffron Extract

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Phytotherapy for Weight Loss


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Saffron Side Effects

If you are struggling with grumpiness or have hit a plateau while trying to move forward with your weight loss goals, natural saffron extract may be helpful. This phytotherapy supplement has the ability to enhance serotonin levels. Because low serotonin is associated with binge eating and cravings that cause us to eat unhealthy things, it makes sense to me that anything that enhances our serotonin levels might have an impact on mood and appetite.

Saffron extract may prove helpful to those who crave sugar and high-calorie foods. An additional benefit from taking saffron extract is that you may notice you feel more full, more quickly. A lot of times, we overeat simply because we eat faster than our body can register that we are full. Then, before we know it, we feel stuffed ... and maybe guilty. Those who often eat on the run or in a hurry may benefit from saffron. However, I must say, you'd benefit more by slowing down and fully enjoying each bite!

And finally, by naturally enhancing serotonin levels, you may simply feel more optimistic and relaxed about your weight loss goals since serotonin levels have an impact on emotional health. Serotonin deficiency can cause you to feel depressed, to have trouble sleeping, to be irritable, etc. Some of the more noticable symptoms of having insufficient serotonin levels include feeling fatiqued, even when you get up in the morning and reacting too strongly to stress. If you find you often go off over small things, it could be partly due to serotonin deficiency. Being deficient in this important nutrient may also cause insomnia, which in turn impacts your mood as well as your immune function over time,

Saffron Extract Benefits:The benefits of saffron as a supplement for weight loss were detailed in two double-blind clinical studies. The results of those studies indicated that use of saffron provided the following weight loss benefits among those who took part in the studies:

1. 84% decrease in appetite
2. An amazing 100% decrease in food intake - every single person ate less while taking saffron!
3. 55% decrease in snacking
4. 78% decrease in desire to eat sugary foods

Try Saffron Extract if you struggle with binge eating, craving sugary snacks or mood struggles when dieting.

Highest Strength Satiereal Saffron NON-Alcohol liquid extract! Satiereal Saffron NON-Alcohol liquid extract contains ONLY natural ingredients! High Quality Satiereal Saffron NON-Alcohol liquid extract - we use classic conventional methods of extraction! We strictly use Only Certified Organic or ethically sourced wild harvested raw material, vegetable palm glycerin and crystal clear artesian purified water! Really the BEST Satiereal Saffron herbal glycerite on market! Made with love for plants and respect for Nature!

Health Disclaimer: Binge eating can represent a deeper, emotional issue which may need professional help. Saffron is not suggest as substitute for mental health counseling or medical attention you may also need. I do think saffron could be helpful as adjunctive therapy in such cases, if your doctor agrees. Otherwise, the binge eating I'm referring to is those who are otherwise healthy and who just occasionally fall off the weight loss wagon and binge.