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What are Orbs?
Spirited Circles of Light

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Exploring The Metaphysical Phenomenon of Orbs


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Have you ever taken a photo and noticed unexplained circles of light, also called orbs, in it? Did you just assume this was a water spot on the lens or some dirt or a fingerprint showing up on the print? What are Orbs, Spirit Orbs and all those mysterious circles of light? If you only saw one photo like that, I can see where you might dismiss it. When it happens again and again, you wonder....

There are those who are taking photos for the express purpose of seeing orbs, as these circles of light are called, and they have come to the conclusion that orbs are a supernatural phenomenon.

So, what are orbs? Are they Spirits, ghosts, angels? Opinions differ and I'd love to hear yours. I found the blog of Marinette, who provided her view on orbs below. When I saw the specificity of the light orbs in her photos, I had to admit they certainly did not appear to be random blotches, or the result of camera malfunctions. You can judge for yourself by visiting her website, listed at end of article.

" Marinette Riveira, All Rights Reserved

Some people might think orbs are just dust particles on a camera lens, but I am here to tell you different. I have always believed in the afterlife, ghosts, angels, and spirit, for as long as I can remember.

It wasn't until the end of 2003 when a friend of mind e-mailed me a photo of an old cemetery that had an orb over one of the tombstones (.....that I became interested in orbs as a psychic phenomenon). As soon as I saw this photo I became so excited because I knew right away what it was. I enlarged the picture to get a better look at it, and then found that there was yet another orb over another tombstone further away in the distance. I thought, "How cool is that?" " I should go out and take some pictures myself." But then there was snow on the ground I couldn't go.

The holidays came and went. It was now January of 2004 and I still couldn't get that picture of the orbs out of my mind. I wanted to go take a picture at a cemetery to see for myself if I could do this, but with the white snow on the ground it would be almost impossible to see a white orb over tombstones covered in snow. I became anxious so I decided to do research on line about orbs and that is when I stumbled onto a web page where I read these words; "Some of my best orb photos' were taken in my own home."

Taking Orb Pictures at Home:
I said to myself "In my own home?" You mean I don't have to go to a cemetery to take a picture of a spirit? I had my camera on my desk right by me as I read those words. I picked up the camera, and just turned around in my chair and took a picture. To my wonderful shock and surprise there was my very first orb! Oh it was a bright one too. It had a bluish center and white around the edges.

I quickly downloaded it onto my computer and sent it to the women from the web page that I read about taking pictures in your home. She responded rather quickly too, that very same day, and told me "Congratulations you indeed have a picture of a orb!" From that day, January 18, 2004 forward, was the beginning of my journey ...... What are Orbs? Part Two

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Spirited Disclaimer: There will be those who will steadily maintain that orbs are just the result of light fluctuations, camera malfunctions, developing glitches, water spots or dirt on the camera lens, or some other explanation that is not metaphysical or spiritual in nature. There will remain those equally convinced that orbs are angels, guides or some other form of manifestation of Spirit.

I don't expect to quell that argument here. I am fascinated by orbs, and appreciate this contribution to the question of what these mysterious balls of light really mean. I will say that I love the idea of Spirit Orbs and don't find anything in that idea to be out of alignment with how a loving universe might express presence in a way that would not disrupt the prevailing reality but would allow for those who want to see and know more.