Looking for Humorous Ways to Procrastinate? Look No Furthur!!

Here are some things that I found quite amusing. They're jokes and pictures, um, really funny pictures. *smile* ENJOY!
P.S. I take no credit for the jokes and stories because I did not make up any of this stuff. I got it from e-mail forwards, chain letters, etc. Gotta cover myself so I don't get sued or anything.

Picture Pages!
Airplane Oops
Redneck Deer Stand
The Well-Meaning Church

Jokes and Stories
213 Things Skippy Is No Longer Allowed To Do In The U.S. Army - NEW!
Good Boyfriend Minimum Requirements
Ever Seen These While Driving Down The Road?
The Firemen
Answering Machine Options
Two Nuns
The Pirate
Artie Schmitz's Guide To Studying In College
Advertising Goof Ups
The 12 Days of Christmas"
More Proof That The World Is Full Of Idiots
The History of Medicine
Blonde Jokes
The Baby on the Bus
Only In America....
Christian Pick-Up Lines
Band Definitions
The Worst Country-Western Song Titles
Signs You've Been In Marching Band TOO LONG!!
Men and Women Think On 2 Different Planes
A Tale Of Two Jerks
The "Guyness Quotient"
45 Fun Things To Do With A Paper You Don't Care About
Teaching Math Through The Ages
The Perfect Story
New Job Interview Techniques
100 Ways to Freak Out Someone While Ordering A Pizza
You Might Be a Yankee If..."
50 Fun Things To Do At Wal-Mart