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Friends, and Other Acquaintances

The sites of people I know to various degrees. Many more will be added in time, I just wanted to make a start.

  • Alex Magill's As Yet Unnamed Site: The long awaited site of one of my oldest and bestest friends. Surely destined for great, um, greatness, what with it being by a dead-good designery bloke.
  • John Cartlidge: Another of my oldest and bestest friends, hopefully about to finish his AI PhD, so perhaps he'll be getting a different address soonish. [UPDATE]:Yes, he has on both counts, and I've been rather late to update the link, sorry.
  • Redunser: the blog site of Alan Ralph (aka MonTemplar).
  • Asparagus: he makes short films! He also helped out with a full length feature named "Got Milk?", which I must remember to give more info on some time.
  • John Grantham: web designer, graphic designer, etc... . @"$*#! I can't believe this, I've only just now realised that he's the bloke responsible for the current icons in one of my main browsers (Dillo). That's just surreal. They're rather good icons, too.
  • (The Real) Interrobang's Livejournal: exactly what it says! There are, it seems, quite a few Interrobangs in the world, and at least one other at but she's the only one I know, OK? An excellent friend, and surprisingly one who likes Porrog a great deal!
  • Sara Stewart Communications: My good friend Sara Stewart's technical writing business. If you need something technical documented, she's the one to go to!
  • CeeJayOz: blog site of Chris Johnson.
  • Kristin's Vunderland: the webpage of the chemical engineer known to many as "Some Woman". Currently features, er, some exciting photos of people doing chemistry stuff.
  • adventures of she who needs no introduction to people who already know her, and I'm too tired to introduce her to people who don't so I'll do that properly when I come up with something appropriate, so-as to avoid mess-ups :)
  • Karthik Narayanaswami's site. Lots and lots of stuff about software and science and things and stuff. Rather cool IMHO.
  • Sam The Butcher's site, surprisingly. He's not actually a butcher, but we understand he is a Sam. So there.
  • LeoPetr: personal site of chap I know variously as LZPsquiggle, Lepidoptera, but far more often just "Leo" in accordance with significant-yet-unspecified rules; he is a crazed curly soviet dingbat, but in a good way. Note: has ever so slight a bias against religion of any form. Don't say you weren't warned! ;)

Links still in flux, some will be moving elsewhere, others that might have gone here really ought to be in other places, etc etc.

Other People

The sites of people that I don't quite know, as such. But you might want to see them anyway!
  • Ciarán O'Riordan: Pages mostly about Free Software, and digital rights
  • Ms. Geek's Home for Orphan Computers: The blog site of MsGeek.
  • Frymaster: He named himself after a deep-fat fryer, if I understood him correctly. Come on, that's pretty neat...UPDATE: Updated the URL, seems the old one was taken over by some random pr0n site. Shows how much I pay attention.
  • Crummy: Leonard Richardson's site- the title is his, not mine! :) I'm not only linking him for linking to my game (Porrog), the site's also pretty cool IMO... HEY! In fact, he's the bloke behind the wonderful RobotFindsKitten, yay! :)

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