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This is the index page for my rather sparse graphics section. I'd hoped to have got much more here by now, having bought a new cheap graphics tablet that I'd thought was properly supported under Linux (with 3rd party drivers). Unfortunately I soon realised the people running the "LinuxWacom" project at sourceforge couldn't be bothered doing such things as keeping their documentation consistent and intelligible, and their website up-to-date. As such, in trying to get the thing to work, I managed to cause a Kernel Panic several times, crashing my machine. More times in those few days than in the whole last year (Linux almost never crashes). My filesystem got badly messed up in the process, and I almost broke it properly trying to fix it. No, I never got the tablet to work.

If I'd known that those 16 Aiptek brand tablets were also supported under Linux, I'd have got one of those instead of the Volito (NB- most other Wacom tablets are supported straight out of the box on Linux. Volito is an exception to this). Unfortunately, whoever wrote the Aiptek driver (that is part of the kernel) neglected to mention the fact in the Documntation directory. Are you noticing a pattern here, hmm? I don't know if I could still get one, I'm almost broke, I don't know what I'd do with the Wacom Volito (sell it to a friend? It'd work for other systems), and frankly I don't know if it'd work any better than what I've got now. Oh, wait- anything's better than this.

Hmm, was there a point? Oh yeah. Not much graphics here yet, drawing with a trackball is very gnarly. Sorry.

[update, 11th Feb2004]: Looking today, I saw the LinuxWacom site had released a new version in the past week, apparently with updated documentation, and they've finally updated the website too (after about 6 months), so whether it now fixes the various problems or not, I at least know they've not given up on documentation, they were clearly just not giving it the priority it deserves. Hopefully it will fix the problems, and the future work will have proper, up-to-date docs. Fingers crossed, things will work out.

Quick list of things currently on this page and in the rest of the graphics section.
  • Some graphics I made for a Bubble-Bobble clone.
  • A little page about Epiar. Currently just screenshots that were requested (NB- now empty, actually).
  • There's a page of Photos and Scans, that is mostly empty.
  • More to come eventually. Believe me, I'd rather be putting more stuff up here already.


Blacksheep and Capitol at The Linux Game Tome started off a Bubble Bobble clone (which they called Bobble Bubble). As Blacksheep was initially creating it in the hope that someone else would take over work on it (him being busy with writing other games already), but it wasn't getting much attention, I suggested I could spend a little time to create some more graphics and levels for it (I can't write C++, and the game didn't have much).

I only did a few, for things there weren't graphics for already. Unzip it in the bobblebubble directory, it'll put the new graphics and an alternative levels file into the data directory. (if you want to use the new levels, you'll have to move or delete the old ones, and rename the levels-new file I supplied).

  • "Boris": enemy2.bmp
  • "Blubba": enemy3.bmp
  • "Baron Von Blubba": ghost.bmp
  • New level tiles: pattern3.bmp, pattern4.bmp, pattern5.bmp
  • There's a not-so-good level, that's level 3, which is appended to the pre-existing ones in that file, but you have to edit the source for it to work currently (as it's hard-coded to only support 2 levels ;)
The download is here, but I'd prefer that if the data is wanted by the project, that they take it into their source tree (I hereby give them to do so, FWIW). What little's in there might need a bit of work for it to be worthwhile, but I drew it all with my own hands [holds up hands to the monitor]. No naughty copyright infringement there, before some SOB takes it upon themselves to send me a cease-and-desist letter, or Angelfire decide I'm breaking their terms (I'm not!).

Update! Just now, I got a message from Blacksheep to say he'd put out a new version using my stuff, although he still won't be able to maintain it. This is pretty good news. There's also talk of a name change to be a little bit more original.

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