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This is the index page for Duologue's links section. My plan is to make the most prodigiously massive set of links I can. Well, OK, so it'd be pretty small potatoes next to, say, OpenDirectory, or Yahoo, or commercial directory sites. There will probably be other "portals" pages by other ordinary individuals that will be more extensive than this one. But y'know, I can dream, can't I?

Anyway, the links section is spread across several pages, each further divided by topic. If you're somehow blind to the ever-present navigation bar to the left, or it doesn't render properly with your browser, there's a more verbose index to the different links pages futher down on this page. Enjoy!

OH- I should point out that in some cases, links may fall into more than one category, in which case they will probably be put in both- but I'm sure you won't mind that unless you're looking for an argument, hmm?

The Directory

  • Miscellaneous: various categories of links that didn't quite fit elsewhere, but didn't warrant a page each. So far, different people I know to varying degrees; I may add things like search engines and directories here too in future (I'm not sure where else I'd put them).
  • Software: links to bits of software that I either use myself (generally with Linux) or approve of (maybe for Windows users) or think you might be interested in even if I'm not, or whatever.
  • Dissemination: (NOT YET DONE) links to sites and individual pages trying to tell you things that you probably ought to know about. Things to do with spam and other online issues; political issues; consumer issues; lots of issues but no tissues. Sorry, that made no sense.
  • Knowledge: (NOT YET DONE) links to sites and pages of generally useful or interesting information. Pages of facts and howtos and educational or informative stuff and such.
  • Fun: links to things like games (whether downloadable, online, or not-on-computer), Webcomics, joke pages, and pages of jokes (not the same thing!).
  • Goods & Services: (NOT YET DONE) links to companies and individuals that provide stuff you might need or want, generally in exchange for your hard earned cash. NOTE: It's likely I'll end up splitting this into 3 separate pages some time soon (shops, manufacturers, services), so PLEASE do not make any links to that section. Seriously.
  • Social: (NOT YET DONE) links to sites where you can communicate with these strange fleshy beings known as "humans", in case you get bored of computers. Places like online forums and chat rooms, etc. Note that things like dating agencies would fall under "Goods and Services" instead- this section is purely about interacting online.
  • I will probably add other categories too, I've almsot certainly forgotten some.

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