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This is the feedback section, where the readers of Duologue get to make painfully high-pitched squealing noises. For this purpose, I am setting up a Chat Board that you can write little messages up on. But before you do so, you must make sure you have read the rules.

Every so often, I will have a look at the board. Sometimes I will look more often than others. If I find something that I think warrants it, I may copy the message onto the page "Scrapings", either to respond to it myself, or just to keep for posterity. However, I make no claims that I will be in any way consistent in what I consider worthy of going onto the Scrapings page.

NOTE: I've not actually put the board up yet. I had had plans to use a remotely hosted "tag board" or similar, but this idea fell through. Now I've upgraded my Angelfire account, I can host my own boards and things, so am going to set up something simple for the moment, and plan to sort out something much fancier in future (see the board page for more).


Please note that although I may sometimes make an effort to remove messages from my board that I find offensive or that appear obviously illegal or likely to get me into trouble with Angelfire or somebody, I accept absolutely no responsibility whatsoever for anything you may find written on or linked to from my board.

You have been warned. If you don't think you'll be able to cope with this, then don't *!@&#* look!

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