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Web Comics

Comics! On the web! Who'da thunkit?!

  • Bob The Angry Flower: Quite superlative. Often political, but sometimes just entirely random. Has many moments of utter brilliance. If you don't like the politics, you could probably still find some strips you enjoy in the archive (there's a lot, 99.9% of which work on their own). WARNING: may contain traces of naughty words.
  • A Modest Destiny: Funny neat pixel-art style comic set in fantasy world. Also has a sci-fi counterpart to the comic, Starship Destiny! Only recently found this one.
  • Sluggy Freelance: Is it not nifty? Worship the comic! Sluggy is one of my favourite webcomics, but I only discovered it pretty recently. I think maybe most people don't link to it because they just assume that everybody knows about it already! I'd thought other webcomics were long till I found this epic...
  • Cat and Girl: Well, there's this smart, well-read schoolgirl who lives with an anthropomorphic cat that smokes a pipe (actually, has anybody seen smoke come out of it?) and drinks paint. They get into funny situations, have deep intellectual discussions, and do incomprehensible things. Or something. What more do you need to know? Ok, yes, sometimes I do get the jokes.
  • Scary Go Round: The follow-up to "Bobbins", is a comic set in northern England, with a style something like Scooby-Doo, if the creators of Scooby-Doo were mad. Well, there was someone in the crew of Scooby-Doo called "Fernando Arce", so they must have been a bit odd. Oh yes, and it's a pretty good comic, too.
  • Wigu: The adventures of a little boy called Wigu, and his family, and the personification of his favourite TV character, who is a superhero potato (he is made of poison!)
  • Tom the Dancing Bug: Mmm, political satire! And he's generally on the good side (IE-mine). Usually funny, which helps, although it features no dancing bug that I have (yet) seen. Note that it's not always political, but it is usually.
  • Freefall: One for the furries, I think! Adventures of an alien, a robot, and a sentient wolf on their spaceship. I probably haven't explained it very well, sorry. Strips are short but good; overall worth a read.
  • Explodingdog: There's no exploding dogs in it (that I've found, anyway). It's not really a comic in any sense except that there's pictures and it's pretty funny. So how can I explain Explodingdog? I can't, you just have to experience it for yourself.
  • Return To Sender: Exceptionally cool comic that I'm rather in love with. Currently only updated once a week, and it's not been around that long so there's not very many pages. Well, that just means you have no excuse but to find the time to read it, as it shouldn't take you too long! Yes, don't worry, the text becomes more legible after a little while ;) The author's had times when she's left the comic for a while, but she does have other things to do! As I'm writing this, she's updating regularly anyway.
  • Strip Creator: Not a webcomic itself, and not something (intrinsically) naughty- rather, it's a site that lets people make accounts to produce their own simple webcomics, that are hosted on the site! Note that the actual form of the comics is fairly primitive, but it's still a neat idea, and some of the comics are quite funny (I've not looked at the site very much yet).

Silly Stuff

  • Zippy's Rainbow Page: Great bit of nostalgia for Brits of a certain age range. Lots of cool stuff.
  • Subservient Chicken: Strange flash thing, that may amuse you, or possibly freak you out. UPDATE: Ok, since found out this is some sort of Burger King advert. ...But it's still kind of funny :P
  • Get Out Of The Trench, Tony!: Funny spoof of UK TV show "Time Team" by "Planet Bods". Will probably be funnier if you're familiar with the series! The site has quite a lot of other stuff too.

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