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What are the Scrapings?

The tag board in the Feedback section (NOT YET INSTALLED!) has a limit to the number of messages it can recall. So after that many messages have been posted on it, the older ones start to get lost to oblivion!

Now, many of the messages are going to be everyday pleasantries and things, but I expect (hope?) that some are going to be very cool messages that I'll want to preserve for posterity. Or maybe someone will ask something that calls for a lasting response for people to see rather than another message to get lost before the next person asks it.

So, if I see something that I decide should be preserved here, for whatever reason, I will do so. If the name "scrapings" sounds a bit derogatory... tough, it amused me. I had an image of "scraping" stuff off the board, perhaps with a spatula (which one of my old flatmates used to describe as a "fish-slice". Hello Chris if you're reading!).

If I didn't put on this page something you wrote that you thought deserved it, sorry. I reserve the right to be entirely arbitrary in my decisions.

These Are!

There are no scrapings because there is no board yet!

FWIW, I might end up dividing the scrapings into different sections, for neatness.

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