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I haven't installed the board yet. The whole chat / tagboard / shoutbox / forum thing is a bit up in the air right now. I had been going to get a tagboard thing, but the payment issues with Paypal got in the way, and I already wasn't 100% comfortable that people couldn't cause trouble of various kinds with it. So I ended up paying my money to Angelfire instead, to upgrade my account. I'd already fancied doing this to get rid of the annoying banners (plus the popups that I never got to see on my browsers except when I switched on Javascript...), and I realised that with paid accounts, we can also use CGI. With our own scripts! I hadn't quite realised that...

So for now, a very simple chat thingy is going to be put up in the next few days. Later, I plan on creating something much more sophisticated, with several chat boards to support topics for different groups, forums for long-term discussions, unregistered guest users, plus registered users who get extra priviledges (eg: they can start their own topic threads in the forums, they can pick topics for the chat boards, guest users can't assume their names, etc). This will take time and muchos thinkies, so don't expect it any time soon.

The Board

There is no board or anything here yet. Soonish, hopefully.

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