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Long ago, I decided to make this page, due to the possibility that some people would get me confused with any of the other people on the internet (whom I had just discovered through Google) called Tomble.

Finally, I got around to doing so when I set about changing over my website to use my new site creation framework (making it a lot simpler to put up new content and update it, and making me more willing to show people the site). It's not very exciting, it's just for my peace of mind.


Why did I gain the nickname of Tomble? Well the exact details are slightly vague to me by now, but it's hardly War And Peace...

Basically, back when I was at 6th Form College (they call it things like "Year 12" in other places, like Australia) back around... 1995? I used to scrawl out my notes in Physics classes fairly hurriedly IIRC, because I don't naturally write that fast (I can type fairly quickly though...). Due to my long name, I'd usually just put "Tom B-L" on the top of them - or even "Tom BL", depending on how rushed I felt.

One day, having just done so, my mate John, leant over and stuck an "e" on the end of it, to spell "Tomble" and it kind of grew on me.

Most of my Real-Life (TM) friends and relatives still call me Tom, which doesn't bother me in the slightest (it's my name after all!), but online I'm usually Tomble.

The Competition

So. There are other people calling themselves Tomble. Well, at least one, but it'd take a bit of an investigation to see whether any of those I found were the same as others. I hold no objection to them being called Tomble (especially as in some cases, it is their actual name!), and am not looking to make enemies out of them or anything loony like that. The world is probably big enough for more than one Tomble! Well, as long as nobody gets greedy...

Note that this is not supposed to be an exhaustive list of Tombles, especially as it doesn't include those Tombles that are really me. I suppose this sort of thing is just inevitable, really. But heck, it's not like I went and took the name Bob or anything...

(One of) the other Tomble(s) owns the domain The b*****d! Oh well, never mind. He was the first of the other Tombles I found. The only other thing I know about him is he's a radio DJ type person, and IIRC he's from the south coast somewhere. So, if you know of a Tomble who's on the radio in England... then this isn't his website, but probably is. Hmm, actually, in looking at google's results again (for the first time in nearly a year), it looks like it's down now. I hope it wasn't in any way due to any mixups of the type I was imagining earlier. If so, then um, sorry. But hey, maybe it was due to the others! Or maybe he just didn't pay his web-hosting bills or something basic like that. Or perhaps it had just temporaily crashed.I don't know.

There's a Tomble at a New Zealand music site, who I imagine would be the same as one of the other Tombles, but I don't know which (if any).

Also, way back when I applied for a email account, I was told that I couldn't have ""- IIRC they suggested ""... I'm not certain that means that that address was already taken by someone else, it could have been that the name was too short or something and so wasn't allowed. But anyways, that one isn't one of mine.

Yow! Doing some more googling, I just found one at this disturbingly named site. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH ME! Seriously. And having scanned through the site, I can't quite pin down what it is about... Porn appears to at least play a part in it.*shrug*. The Tomble there appears to be from Australia. Update: Since writing this page, this Tomble got in contact with me! He's the Tomble from LiveJournal as well, apparently.

There's a Todd Tomble (Yup, it's his surname, rather than a nickname), who seems to be an athlete of some sort (canoeist??). He isn't me.

There's one at the site, who is apparently from Australia. I'm not.Update: As I mentioned above, this is the same Tomble as from "".

ROFL! Oh, that really takes the cake. From this site, you can buy Tomble stones??? I don't know what to make of that. Surprisingly enough, I am not a stone (not even a rolling one).

Hmm, now this page describes a (Ice?) Hockey player named Gene Tomble, but as it seems to be a joke page, I don't know if that person even exists. Judging from the names of the teams, I feel that may be unlikely. Needless to say, I'm not him.

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