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the heart of the moon kingdom

Welcome to NeoQueen's Fanfiction Base. This site is dedicated to fanfiction
from any of the following anime shows:

//A Vision Of Escaflowne//Digimon//Dragonball /Z/GT//Gundam Wing//Magic Knight Rayearth//Outlaw Star//Pokemon//Sailor Moon//Tenchi Muyo/Tokyo/Universe//
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This is called "Thanksgiving" from the CD "December".
Played by George Winston

Disclamier: None of the above following japanese anime shows belong to me,
they belong to various people and groups in japan, or somewhere else. I am
just one of the people who adore their works.Thanxs for reading my disclaimer!!
I did not play (on the piano) the music I uploaded from my George Winston CD, nor
did I make or edit it.