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I removed the lotr fanfiction when I remembered that this was an anime fanfiction
arcive, gomen nasai. anyway, I'm totally out of it today...too tired...well,
I'll see if there's anything else that can be added to this site! bye-bye!

Ohmygawd, has it been nearly a month since I last updated! Gomen Nasai, minna-san
I've been on a lot recently, and I'm posting one of the fanfics I
made there on here. It's a magic knight rayearth fanfic, it's a little weird,
It's probably one of the first Hikaru/Zagato fanfics. It's the first really romantic
one I've ever written, I'll post it right now, so enjoy.

I added 2 more fics by Silentwall. Enjoy! There might be another on the way in
the Magic Knight Rayearth department from her soon. At least that's what she told me.
No other real news for now, and if you want to request a picture with your fanfic,
you just send the picture in the body of your e-mail and I'll upload it to this
site, no biggy. Also I'm thinking of putting up music on the main page, so I need
ideas what should I put up? Help.....bye!
~ Neoqueen

I'm sooooooooo happy that it's not Valentines day anymore! I posted that fic
I wrote about in my last review plus 5 gundam ones, but it's one series so it's
not quite as big, but it is a long story, check it out! And I have over 100 hits
now! Oh, free fanfics for everyone! Just kidding, wish I could give out free
fanfics but I don't have too many. And I added a new link! Oh happy day! I'm on a
role! Expect another update tomorrow! And Silentwall told me a funny joke, something
about a Penguin. Oh well, I'll ask her about it later. Bye-bye!

Happy Valentines Day, for all of those who think its the best day of the year....
may you burn in your grave and may worms slowly digest your decaying body....I hate
Valentines day, every Valentines day I wear all black, I've been doing it since
I was 10. Valentines day is an evil should rott in ...uh...heck?
Anyway, I hope you had a better Valentines day than I did. I wrote a Lord of the
Rings Fanfic, it's not anime so I'm gonna stick it in the other anime section, yes,
i know it's not anime but I love the lord of the rings, you can also view it
at, i'll put the address up in the links section! bye!

I added a new poem by Silentwall today and am putting up another of hers in a few
minutes. Her latest new poems will be in the Sailor Moon and Rayearth sections. Biss spater!

Hallo! Wie Geht's? Oops, I'm not in German class anymore, sorry. It should've
been Genki desu ka, Minna-san!? Thats japanese, yep! Well school sucks, but what
else is new? I wonder what would happen if you mixed those greetings? Hmmmm...
Hallo! Minna-san!. That's not too bad, kinda annoying though. I've put my site up
on a whole lot of different search engines but it'll take a while before anyone
sees them! Sob! They're all so cruel! ^^ I want to be optimistic right now so I
thank you all for coming! Arigato, minna-san!

I added the sequeal to Trouble at tea time, a few days ago but forgot to mention
it. If you request i'll put up any backgrounds you want on your stories and
any music you have that you want, I have a wide variety of music and back-
grounds I will be making a section for so you can request anything from there. Chow!

I don't have much time to do updates! I added a manga fic into the DragonBallZ
section and I finally got done with my homework! yea! I added a new fanfic into
the magic knight rayearth section, it's called The Death of the Emerald forest,
by me! The first part is suitable for all ages but I can practically guarentee
that some of the later parts won't be, mostly because of cussing and all that jazz.
Oh well, I'm not picky so you shouldn't be either! Be happy! I was thinking of doing
somthing else to jazz the site up a little bit more, it's kinda boring..any
suggestions? You know where to reach me! ^^

School majorally sucked big time today. But enough about my day, I wish that
we'd get some more fics submitted soon, the site just looks so empty. I'm gonna
have to write some myself pretty soon, if I don't get any. I've got a great idea
for a Magic Knight Rayearth fic. I'll have the first part up soon so check it out!

Hi again! Today I'm going to post some more fanfics! Please send more soon! I
don't have many and need some more to post, I have no requirements for fanfiction
as long as its anime related, it doesn't even have to do with the categories posted.
I'm also making a categorie where other anime fics can be posted like Ranma 1/2 or
Princess Mononoke or whatever else you wrote about! Thanxs again!

Hello! My site was originally supposed to be a Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune
shrine, but instead I am now using it for a Fanfiction archive for my favorite
anime shows from Japan! I hope to be done with it today, and then I will begin
to post fanfiction. I will be posting crossover fanfiction in the section
it is most related to. Now I will tell you a little about myself. I live in
America, most of my favorite anime shows have their own fanfiction section on
this site. I am 14, almost 15. I am in 9th grade at a nearby high school.
My hobbies include: Anime, art, roller blading, writing fanfiction and
trying to figure out what OVA and RPG stand for. If you know, please e-mail
me! My favorite food is spaghetti, and my least favorite food are green beans.
My favorite subject at school is art class, and my least favorite is World Geography.
My blood type is A+(positive) and my strong points are: drawing and singing,
and my weak points are: socalizing and shopping. Thats all I care to share on the
internet, please don't take it offensively, I just gotta be careful!^^ Thanxs!

To e-mail me, write to me at Neoqueen. Thanxs!