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About The Web Mistress

Name: Neoqueen
Age:I'm 15 now!! ^-^
Favorite foods: Spaghetti and potato chips
Least favorite foods: Any kind of beans (except for cocoa)
Favorite subject: Art
Least Favorite subject: Geograpy
Strong points: Drawing and singing
Weak points: shopping and socializing
Favorite anime shows: Sailor Moon, DragonballZ, Gundam Wing, Pokemon, Digimon,
Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic Knight Rayearth, Outlaw Star, Tenchi in Tokyo, Shinesman,
Escaflowne, Dinozaurs, (it's a mix of anime and computer animation and
very coorny) and last but not least Monster Rancher.
Possibly: Ah! My Goddess!, Sailor Victory, or Ninja Cadets.
Favorite regular american cartoons: (I know what your thinking...American cartoons
suck! But there are actually some decent ones too, but not as bad as Canadian or
Australian cartoons. no offense to the canadians or australians.)
Ed, Edd and Eddy; Powerpuff Girls; Scooby Doo; Recess (the following cartoons are very
coorny) Gargoyles; Mummies Alive!; Mighty Ducks; Buzz Lightyear of Starcommand
(I, know I'm a toodler ^-^ not really but..)and that's it. ^-^

Hobbies include: Anime, roller blading, web surfing, boxing

I belong to the GWFPS(see main page) and am an official bishonen trainer.
I'm not very good at writing fanfiction I mostly just do poetry, so I depend heavily
on the people who submit it. Please submit!^^