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Gundam Wing Fanfiction

This section managed by Sailor Jupiter

This is the Gundam Wing fanfiction section. To leave us any Gundam Wing
Fanfiction write to Sailor Jupiter.Thanxs!
~Sailor Jupiter

For future reference: 1=Heero, 2=Duo, 3=Trowa, 4=Quatre, 5=Wufei, 6=Zechs,
9=Noin, 13=Trieze, 0(maybe)?=Lady Une, R=Relena. Thanxs for reading!

Happy Little Hee-chan By Raihne
Neoqueen's rating: I found this on a different site and had to put it up on here!
Especially since I didn't have any Gundam Fanfiction yet. Raihne's webpage is
listed in the links. This story is about what happens when gundam pilots get
chibi sized. And thats not a good thing.
Rating: PG-13 I guess, yaoi. 2+1 3x4

Darling little Duo-chan By Raihne
Neoqueen's rating: This is the sequel to Happy little Hee-chan, it's also very sweet
and it looks like Heero's starting to like Duo! So mushy and sweet....
Rating: PG-13 again, yaoi, 1+2 3x4

Tiny little Trowa chan By Raihne
Neoqueen's rating: Sequel to Darling little Duo-chan, also by Raihne, this girl
has too much spare time on her hands, but it's an excellent story! Trowa gets
Rating: PG-13, yaoi, 3x4 1+2

Quirky little Quatre-chan By Raihne
Neoqueen's rating: The fourth in the would've been trilogy, not it's Quatre's turn!
Rating: PG-13, yaoi, 3x4 1+2

Wild little Wu-chan By Raihne
Neoqueen's rating: I'm a sap for anything that has to do with chibi-Wufei so this
is definately my favorite, he gets caught by Oz, and poor Wufei gets chibi-sized!
Rating: PG-13, yaoi, 4+13